A visit to the old Erawan Hotel

A visit to the old Erawan Hotel - September 3, 2005

Long a Bangkok landmark, the old Erawan Hotel stood at the corner of Rajaprasong intersection. It was built in 1956 and torn down in 1987. A new highrise hotel was built in its place.

Unless otherwise noted, the receipts and images on this page are from a brochure, circa 1963.

Ratchaprasong intersection over time - June 22, 2006
More on the Crucible of Construction
Another hotel from days gone by: Siam Intercontinental Hotel


(Photo: Undated postcard from the 2Bangkok.com collection)

Above: This is the existing shrine that stands at Rajaprasong intersection
Also: Destruction of the Phra Prom statue

Below: The Shrine today. Note the new Erawan Hotel/Shopping Center behind it.

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: Undated postcard)

(Image: Advertisement from Siam Directory, 1963-1964)

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