Various Chao Phraya bridge plans


The Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road (southern section) completion bridge
(from a Ministry of Transport and Communications display at the Intertraffic Asia 2002 convention - June 12-14, 2002)

Details of the new Chao Phraya River bridges - translated and summarized by Wisarut Bholsithi from Thairath, January 20, 2004
For the four newly proposed bridges across the Chao Phraya, it will use 70% central government funds and 30% BMA funds. BMA will handle the construction since all bridges are within the jurisdiction of BMA.
1) Kiakkai Bridge to connect Thaharn Road with Local Road along the Southern Railway - 4.4 billion baht -> 2.4 billion baht for land expropriation and 2.0 billion baht for construction.
2) Tha Ratchawongse Pier - Tha Dindaeng Bridge to relieve traffic from Memorial l Bridge and Phra Pokklao Bridge, increase the capacity to handle the traffic across the Chao Phraya and cut traffic by 5% - 1.020 billion baht -> 0.1 billion baht for land expropriation, 0.9 billion baht for construction and 0.02 billion for design.
3) Lad Yah - Mahaphruttharam Bridge to relieve traffic along Rama 4 Road and allow the rail link between Hua Lamphong and Wongwian Yai and eventually the Taksin Transportation Center in the same way as the original Rama 6 Bridge before conversion into a railway bridge - 2.4 billion baht -> 0.8 billion baht for land expropriation and 1.6 billion baht for construction.
4) Chan Road - Charoen Nakhon Bridge from Charoengkrung Pracharak (near MEA Yannawa Office, Thanon Tok) to go across Chao Phraya and then to Charoeng Nakhon Road before ending up at Ratboora Road - 3.260 billion baht -> 1.5 billion baht for land expropriation and 1.76 billion baht.
Traffic Policy Office has asked for 180 million baht to deal with design detail:
1) Kiakkai Bridge -> 60 million baht
2) Ratchawongse - Tha Dindaeng Bridge - 20 million baht
3) Mahaphruettharam - Lad Ya Bridge-> 50 million baht
4) Chan Road - Charoeng Nakhon Bridge -> 50 million baht
Here's Bangkok Post's article on the subject:
Four new bridges in 3 years - Bangkok Post, January 17, 2004
...The project consists of a 2.6km four-lane bridge in Kiakkai, a 450m four-lane bridge from Song Wat road to Tha Din Daeng pier, a bridge from Chan road at Charoenkrung Pracharat Hospital to Charoen Nakhon road, and a six-lane bridge from Maha Phruttharam road to Lat Ya.

New bridge across Chao Phraya River at Pakkret - translated and summarized by Wisarut Bholsithi and 'Prin' from Dailynews, November 27, 2003

The bridge and Industrial Ring Road at Pakkret Junction are being built. The Rural Highway Department has transferred the area to TNN and Kajima-Tokyu consortium, the contractors for the construction of the bridge for the Industrial Ring Road. Now it is 10% done (pillars and foundation pins). The project has been delayed and extended to 2005 since the Rural Highway Department just finished removing the old piers to the new sites. If contractors still get the job done late, they will pay a fine of 1 million baht a day per contract (3 million a day for the whole project).

The project has two contracts. The first contract (east-west) is the elevated way and the bridge over the Chao Praya river from Pakkret-Cheangwattana Intersection. The second contract is the road from Rattnathibet to Highway 345. Both contracts have been signed on September 26, 2003 and the construction will be started on December 1, 2003 - to be done in early 2006. The budget is 3,000 million baht. After it is finished it will help the traffic situation at Changwattana Road, Pranangkaow Bridge, Nonthanuri Bridge and also Rattanathibet Road.

The East-West road will be named "Nakhon In Road" and the North-South road will be named "Ratchaphruek Road". Ratchapruek Road will also be covered in the second contract of Pakkret Bridge. Therefore Ratchaphruek road will be in two sections, the first one from Phetkasem to Rattnathibet and the second one from Rattanathibet to Highway 345. The Rural Highway Department asked the Department of Fine Arts to give a name to the new bridge--either "Phachomklao Bridge," "Phra Chulachomklao Bridge," or "Chaloemraj 72 Phansah." So far, the Department of Rural Highways prefers "Chaloemraj 72 Phansah" as the most appropriate name.

Four projects will support Suvannabhum Airport. The project will start in 2004 and include improvements on four roads: Wat Sriwareenoi Road -> Wat Sriwaree Noy (Wat Sriwaree Noy is the temple nearest the airport) Thepraj-Ratkabang -> Thepharak - Ladkrabang (the road to Kin Kaeo intersection), Baan Poo, and Niyomyatra. The budget is 300 million baht.

21-km Bangkok southern bypass to be reviewed - Bangkok Post, February 5, 2003

More on the background of the ring road project is here.

Outer ringroad bridge - September 26, 2006

(Photo: Jerry)

Jerry reports: Here are some pictures of the outer ringroad bridge tower I took yesterday. A board displaying the completion date in 2550 (next year).

(Photo: Jerry)

Bridge for the Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road (southern section)

This bridge crosses the Choa Phraya River to complete the existing ring road loop. This smaller bridge is part of the Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road (southern section). Thus far, the southern section of Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road runs from Bang Bon Interchange to Suksawat Road. The Highway Department is trying to find a contractor for the bridge and the rest of Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road. All of the following drawings and maps are from a Ministry of Transport and Communications display at the Intertraffic Asia 2002 convention (June 12-14, 2002). This bridge would simply cross the Chao Phraya River.




The map says: "Northern Outer Bangkok Ring Road - Section Suksawat Road - Highway Route 34 (Bangna-Trat)"
The bridge would be built just beyond the Susawat intersection.

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