Under the Chulachomklao Bridge

Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge to open to traffic in July - VNA, May 20, 2004
The 2nd Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge will open to traffic in July as 67 percent of the construction has completed.
The bridge will connect Thailand's Leoi province with Lao province of Chayaburi over the Heung River. It is one of Leoi province's border trade strategies, Governor Samrerng Chuachavalit told Thai National News Bureau.
The bridge will strengthen the relationship between Thailand and Laos, as well as boost border trade and support the tourism industry between the two countries. It will be the gateway to Luang Prabang, the world heritage site.

Bridge and highway news from TAT - January 21, 2004
From a Tourism Authority of Thailand press release on new bridges and highways:
The first Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge across the Mekong River opened in April, 1994, after a three-year construction period funded by the Australian Government. Linking the Thai province of Nong Khai to the Laotian capital of Vientiane, it has become the most important source of visitors to Laos.
This year, construction is to begin on the second Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge across the Mekong, linking the northeastern Thai province of Mukdaharn and the western Laotian province of Savannakhet. Scheduled for completion in 2005, the 1.6 kilometre bridge is being partially funded by the Japanese government.
...it will link with Highway No. 9 in Laos at Savannakhet and beyond to the central region of Vietnam, opening up road access to major cities like the former Vietnamese capital of Hue, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the port of Danang.
A third bridge linking Thailand and Lao PDR across the Huang River, one of the tributaries of the mighty Mekong, is due to start in early 2004. Thailand will bear the 70.75 million baht (about US$ 1.8 million) cost of the 3.3 kilometre bridge which will link the northeastern province of Loei, Thailand, with the province of Sainyabuli, Lao PDR.
...Although the bridge will not immediately have an international immigration checkpoint, that is a logical next step for governments to discuss after it is opened.
...There is yet another bridge across the Mekong River, the Lao-Nippon Bridge funded by the Japanese, in the Laotian province of Pakse. This opened in August 2000 but is located entirely in Laotian territory while the other three are cross-border bridges.
A critical section of the long-standing Asian Highway project has come closer to completion with an agreement by the governments of Thailand, Myanmar and India to develop a US$700 million 1,360-km highway linking the three countries...
The highway will link Moreh in the West Indian state of Manipur with Mae Sot district, Tak province, in Northwest Thailand, passing through the historic temple city of Bagan in Myanmar.
The first phase of 263 kilometres from Mae Sot to Thaton in Myanmar will begin in early 2004 and is expected to cost US$45 million or 1.8 billion baht...

Bridge to link Mae Sai and Tachilek - The Nation, May 20, 2003

New bridge to Laos on the Huang River at Loei Province - MCOT (beware, this is a slow site), February 18, 2002

The bridge that gambling built - 21:19, April 4, 2002
AFP - Cambodia opens its longest bridge, links with Thailand
MCOT - Thailand-Cambodia have new bridge linking the two neighbouring countries
From the Post website - A new bridge linking Trat province with Ko Kong in Cambodia will be opened by Supreme Commander Narong Yuthawong, representing the defence minister, and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen tomorrow.... The 200-million baht bridge spans the Krang Kruen river. Construction was funded by Pat Supapa, owner of Casino Koh Kong International.

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