Comments on the Black May 1992 story

Part I - Background & A night on the bridge
Part II - Crossing the lines
Part III - A hot afternoon
Part IV - The shooting starts
Part V - Ian Neumegen, a foreigner killed in the disturbances
Part VI - Soldiers advance through Banglampoo
Part VII - Aftermath
Comments on the Black May 1992 story

Comments on the Black May 1992 story - June 29, 2004

After noting in the final part of the Black May 1992 story that very few people seemed interested in the events of Black May, received quite a bit of email...

* I'd just like to say that I enjoyed reading your series of articles on the Black May in Bangkok. Hard to imagine that these things happened just 12 short years ago. It is puzzling that you would receive so little feedback on what would seem to be a fairly significant event.

* Great site. Thought the Black May memorial was excellent. Very sad and very telling.
* I am very surprised to read that no one contacted you about the Black May reports. In fact, I have read all parts of it and actually waited for any part to appear. It was very interesting to me because back then I was not interested in Thailand yet and while the LA riots got a lot of news coverage in Germany I cannot remember to hear anything about the Bangkok shootings. When you started the photo series I put a link on some German Thailand forum and many people where thankful of that.

By the way, I really like and looking at it almost every day. Keep up the good work.

* Your piece on Black May was great stuff. I appreciate it and all of the effort that went into it. Thanks a lot for helping me fill in some of the huge gaps in my understanding of Thai history.

* Just finished reading the pages on Black May after a friend had send me the link. Very interesting stuff. Did not really know much about this, so thanks for shedding some light on this part of Thailand's history

I tried to show it to a few of my younger Thai friends, but they all refused to see it. I think among younger people there is a kind of embarrassment over the events...


* I'm a regular and avid fan of I stumbled upon your account of Black May and was enthralled. Your personal account of a recent historical event with your own photographs is the World Wide Web at its best.

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