Amata Art Award

Rapee writes: Had I not used Thanon Ratchadamnoen Nok regularly, I would never have known that there were these interesting pieces of art being displayed on the footpaths along Thanon Ratchadamnoen as part of the First Amata Art Award Exhibition. The exhibition, organized by Amata Foundation and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration , runs from March 13 through April 9, 2005.

Besides not getting enough mention by the media, when I have tried to find a website of the exhibition on the internet, nothing turned up. So I thought, it would be nice to let others know about the exhibition and make them want to come and enjoy it themselves.

Hopefully, this will not the first and only art exhibition on Thanon Ratchadamnoen.

Update: ttaaee writes on the forum: Unfortunately, the exhibition has ended 3 days sooner than it was scheduled. As I passed by the exhibition on Thanon Ratchadamnoen Nok around 9 pm last night (April 5), these arts were packed and removed from the curbsides. I guess BMA needs the space for Songkran decorations as this morning I saw "Naga (king of snakes)" fountains were being installed around the Democracy Monument and also on the sidewalks of Ratchadamnoen Nok.

First Prize

"Lunar Circle"

Pisit Hattakornvijit

Melding and mixed media

Second Prize

"Blossom of Time"

Napat Thamniya

Melding and fiberglass

Third Prize

"Life Development"

Naruthorn Sedkhunarat


And some other pieces that I like...


Panu Udompaethaikool



Sahathep Thepburi



Thanadhon Tubsuntia


"Nature - Natural"

Kamol Moolkonkhaew

Wood carving

"Stupa of merit, beauty and the truth"

Wijit Apichatkreingkrai

Cement and bronze

"Back to fight the sky - face to fight the fat clay"

Apichat Seesom

Terracotta - Iron

"Imagination, spirit and dream"

Amnuay Gunta-in


"Belief in Thai's social no. 2"

Ronnachit Bumee

Wood and melding

"The circle and rhythm of life no. 2"

Sugree Casorclasara

Fiberglass and gypsum

"History of Elephant"

Kham-Ai Degdoung-Ta

Wood carving

"Revolution 2004"

Paiyan Banjongklieng

Stone and metal

And much more...

You must see them yourself!

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