TRT pamphlet with promises for future Bangkok mass transit

TRT pamphlet with promises for future Bangkok mass transit - January 29, 2005
Wisarut scanned the campaign map for the Bangkok mass transit expansion (875kb) with up to 10 new lines. Fascinating in that the Skytrain is totally omitted from future plans (the Skytrain is being punished for resisting nationalization).

Wisarut comments: 361 km in 6 years? Even 10 years would be very optimistic, even if they had lots of money to burn.
I note that the Yellow LRT and Pink Monorail (Pakkret - Minburi - Suwinthawongse) as well as Brown Monorail (Pakkret - Bang Yai) and Lime LRT (Bang Kapi - Minburi) are going to he be handled by MRTA.
However, I have lots of criticism of the project which has been poorly executed.
Yellow Line LRT
1) Wat Bueng Thong Lang (Lad Phrao 101) may not be a good place to set up the station. They better set up the station at Lad Phrao 112 (the gate of Bodin Decha High School - a brand name high school which has granted franchises to other high schools). After that, they should move Mahat Thai Station (a station near Mahad Thai Road - a short cut to Hua Mark Stadium) to be in between Mahad Thai and Wat Buang Thong Lang instead. However, such a provision could provoke a tug-of-war between those Bodin Decha students and those who live in Lad Phrao 101.
2) Onnut Station of LRT should be changed to Sri Nut station so as not to be confused with Onnut station of BTS.
3) Rama 9 Park (Suan Luang Ror 9) should have its name changed to "Seacon" since it is in front of Seacon Square.
4) Udomsuk station should be changed Rama 9 Park since it is closer to the park than Seacon Station and it would distinguish the station from the upcoming Udomsuk station.
5) La Salle Station ... even though the station name is okay but I think they should use "Sikharin" station instead since it is on Sikharin intersection and the station should be distinguished from the other end of this Soi (Sukhumvit 105). However, it is up to local people to decide though.
6) Bearing Station - this one is deserves to be changed to Sri Nakharin Station so as not to be confused with Bearing Station of BTS. It seems to me that MOTC has come up with duplicated name to confuse the public at large on purpose as to way to put stumbling block up for the BTW Samrong extension.
Pink Monorail
1) There should be intermediate station between Pakkret Station and Muang Thong Thani Station. One good candidate would be "Pakkret Bypass" since it is near Pakkret bypass route.
2) Three should be an intermediate station between Laksi Railway Station and Prachachuen Station for the New Chaeng Watthana Bureaucrat center.
3) There should be an intermediate station between Laksi Railway Station and Wat Prasri Station to serve students at Rajabhat Phranakhon.
4) There should be a station between Wat Phra Sri Mahathat and Lad Pla Khao to serve those who live in Amarin Niwet village, students of Krik University, Central Ramindra, and of course Army officers at the 11th Infantry Regiment.
5) It seems to me that they forgot about Suan Siam Water Park. Thus they move the station to Phraya Suren (a short cut to Safari World) so they should either move the Phraya Suyren Station to Suan Siam Water Park which has a theme park, suburb villages, and a shortcut to Serithai Road.
New Line: Lime Link (Bang Kapi - Minburi)
1) This link should be the extension of the Orange Line instead of the LRT or Monorail.
2) There are only four stations after Bang Kapi
2.1) Summakorn - suburb villages run by Royal Crown Property
2.2) Tiam Udom Nomklao (Saphan Soong) - a franchise of Triam Udom High School not far from Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road
2.2) Min Phatthana - a short cut to Minburi
2.4) Suwinthawongse - interchange with Pink Monorail
3) Too few stations for this line - better have some intermediate stations
New Line: Brown Link (Bang Phai [Bang Yai] - Pakkret)
1) It should be either an extension of the Pink Monorail or Purple line
2) There will be 3 stations
2.1) Bua Thong
2.2) New Ratchapruek - the intersection between the new Rachapruek Road and the road from Pakkret to Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road
2.3) Pakkret
3) Too few stations - needs a new station at Pakkret Pier to pick those who live in Koh Kret, Tha It Mosque, etc.

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