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(Source: Cover of the NESDB pdf)

(Source: Page 5 of the NESDB pdf)

NESDB promotes investment in Thailand with map from - January 30, 2006

When the Thai government wants to explain their mass transit plans to investors, where do they get the map? From, of course. An anonymous reader pointed out that the NESDB published a pdf, Thailand's Mega Projects: Investment for the future and Business Opportunity (2.10MB) on their site featuring the mass transit map Chatchawal made for 2Bangkok. No wonder investors are confused--the map is from 2004. It also refers directly back to in the barely readable fine print of the map.

Earlier: Future Bangkok mass transit map and Singapore mass transit map

2005 - Master Plan Maps

Another future mass transit map - April 5, 2005
Pas of Bangkok Highrises writes: Here's a map in Thai (221kb) showing all the future subway lines from an MRTA advertisement inside the March 20, 2005 Bangkok Post.

(Source: Bangkok Metro)

Mass transit maps - March 8, 2005
Chatchawal Phansopa writes: Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited has revamped its company website. Occasional use of strange English but the content is still largely comprehensible by non-Thai viewers. Check out the route map, which is also available in PDF format from the website. (Too bad they changed it. In the previous version of the site they linked frequently to and even made their homepage banner out of photos stolen from 2B. The new Bangkok mass transit map they feature is in the style of the classic London tube maps. See also this fantastic page with a history of London underground maps.)

TRT pamphlet with promises for future Bangkok mass transit - January 29, 2005
Wisarut scanned the campaign map for the Bangkok mass transit expansion (875kb) with up to eight new lines. Fascinating in that the Skytrain is totally omitted from future plans (the Skytrain is being punished for resisting nationalization). Read Wisarut's comments on the routings here. Another mass transit map from the TRT campaign (483kb).

Dick van der Spek's mass transit map of greater Bangkok (1.5MB)
More of van de Spek's maps are here

2004 - Master Plan Maps
Chatchawal Phansopa has created two extensive maps of all the planned mass transit systems.

Also: Governor Samak's mass transit plans remembered - Matichon Daily, January 5, 2004

2003 - Master Plan Maps
Wisarut found these very interesting new maps and other info on the SRT website. There's no readable sized graphic at this time. 2b is trying to find a more readable copy and when we do, we will post it.
Wisarut comments on some of the main depots planned: There will be several sub depots and park and ride facilities by the year 2021 or so...
1) Major Depots

BTS - Mochit
MRTA - Huay Kwang
SRT - Bangsue
2) Sub depots
BTS - Klong Sam (Lam Look Ka), Thepharak , BSTC (Bangkok Southern Transportaiton Center near Talad Ploo)
MRTA - Bang Yai, BSTC (Bangkok Southern Transportaiton Center near Talad Ploo)
SRT - NBIA (Eastern Line), Wat Singh (Machai Line)
Yellow Line - Sri Nakharin (near Carrefour)
3) Park and Ride
BTSC - Onnut (will be moved to Samrong after Samrong Extension is done), Samut Prakarn (near ther Paknam terminal), Klong Sam (Lam Lookka), Klong Ha (Lam Look Ka) Yellow Line - Thepharak
MRTA - Minburi, Bang Kapi, Lad Phrao, Bang Yai, Sanambinnam, Bang Khae, Rama II Highway, Rat Boorana

(Photo: Wit Pimkanchanapong)

'If There Is No Corruption' map - January 25, 2005
Wit Pimkanchanapong, an artist, a designer and lecturer at Bangkok University wrote: In 2002-2003, I did a project called ITINC map which is a map that mixed existing transportation system with planned, promised, or even my own ideas. I printed 5000 copies of them and distributed them as a kind of art work: ITINC - ITINC is the cultural spam map about the (never) completed mass transport system in Bangkok. Like London-'Underground', Paris-'Metro & RER', Newyork-'Subway' here in Bangkok we have 'ITINC' which coming from 'If There Is No Corruption.' There are 5,000 copy of map and it had really been distribute in Bangkok city on the early of 2003. Download the map (2.1mb)

2001 - Bangkok Area Transport Master Plan
Bangkok Area Transport Master Plan (1.05MB)

Here is a scan of the transport master plan for the Bangkok city area. The original map is made up of a mosaic of satellite photos with colored lines indicating the expressway, fixed mass transit, and main road systems. It was scanned in 15 sections and compressed as much as possible, but since the map is so large (70 cm x 95 cm) and the text so small, it had to remain very big (1.05MB) to be readable.
    The map is produced by the Expressway and Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand. This agency is not in charge of all of these projects--it is charged with producing the map to coordinate all the various projects.

KEY     Even in the original it is a bit hard to tell which route is which since some of the route colors appear to be identical, so here are some notes that might help figuring out the map.
SRT refers to defunct Hopewell Project and runs from the Airport to Hua Lum Pong (the main train station).
BMA refers to the Skytrain and is the very thin green line in the inner city area.
MRTA refers to the subway project. The pink area marked "workshop" indicates the depot for the subway.
Below the bottom of the map is the sea. Since there are no routes in that area, this part has been truncated to reduce file size.

2000 - Bangkok Mass Transit Interaction
Bangkok Mass Transit Interaction - Thai (38kb)

Map (August, 2000) courtesy of Wisarut. This map shows the proposed subway extensions.

KEY Green - BTS Skytrain
Blue solid - Blue line subway (under construction)
Blue dotted - Blue line subway (proposed)
Orange - Orange line subway (proposed)
Red - State Railway of Thailand rail system (existing and proposed)
Purple - High speed train (proposed)

1995 - Bangkok Mass Transit Interaction

Bangkok Mass Transit Interaction - Thai (191KB)
Bangkok Mass Transit Interaction - English (234KB)

This is a topological-style map from a 1995 issue of Manager Magazine Weekly ( redrawn by Wisarut. He has made both a Thai and English-language version. The map shows the interaction of the various transit options being constructed in Bangkok.

KEY Outer Black Line - Outer Ring Road
Red Line that starts at Minburi and end at Samrongtai - Orange Line Subway
Red Line that starts at Rangsit - Hopewell Elevated Train
Green Line - Skytrain Lines (including extension routes which are still being studied)
Blue Line - Blue Line Subway (including extension routes which are still being studied)
Pink Line - Purple Line Subway

1979 - Bangkok Mass Transit Masterplan

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