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On the Forum: More Flood Articles from the Thai-language Press

‘Bangkok Ignored Warnings’ –, November 3, 2011
…Recommendations that the canals should not be filled in to accommodate vehicular traffic were ignored, says George Olson, a former corporate manager of a United States engineering firm that had worked on flood protection projects in Bangkok.
That negligence “certainly made all the floods after 1974 much worse for the Bangkok metropolitan area,” said Olson. “The recommendations to build waste water and flood protection tunnels were also met with limited approval.”

Many city canals ‘illegally blocked’ – The Nation, November 4, 2011
…According to most uptodate maps, the Chuad Ta Thim canal in Bang Na district seems to have disappeared altogether and has been replaced by a luxury housing complex. In addition, many golf courses and apartments have allegedly been illegally built on canals, not to mention several slums along the riverside, sources involved with the inspection said. Suvarnabhumi Airport and several roads are also allegedly blocking waterways and water catchment areas…

Flood victims scold Thai prime minister –, November 3, 2011

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