1976: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning
1976 ฝันร้ายของการลงประชาทัณฑ์ และ เผาทั้งเป็น

THAILAND: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning – Time, Oct. 18, 1976
…Judging by the right-wing junta’s first decrees, Thai politics indeed appears headed for a kind of sleep. Within a day, 3,000 suspected leftists were rounded up and herded into detention camps. Political parties and any gathering of more than five persons were banned; newspapers, magazines and broadcasts were placed under censorship; and membership in Communist organizations was made punishable by death after trial by courts-martial. A midnight-to-dawn curfew was established on the night of the coup, then dropped—after revelers who ignored it were shot…

Violence and the Military Coup in Thailand – Bulletin of Concerned Asians Scholars, 1977
Samak’s atonement
October 6 banners at Thammasat University
1976: A sea of blood
October’s ‘forgotten’ victims remembered
YouTube: 6 Oct 1976

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