1976: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning
1976 ฝันร้ายของการลงประชาทัณฑ์ และ เผาทั้งเป็น

THAILAND: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning – Time, Oct. 18, 1976
…Judging by the right-wing junta’s first decrees, Thai politics indeed appears headed for a kind of sleep. Within a day, 3,000 suspected leftists were rounded up and herded into detention camps. Political parties and any gathering of more than five persons were banned; newspapers, magazines and broadcasts were placed under censorship; and membership in Communist organizations was made punishable by death after trial by courts-martial. A midnight-to-dawn curfew was established on the night of the coup, then dropped—after revelers who ignored it were shot…

Violence and the Military Coup in Thailand – Bulletin of Concerned Asians Scholars, 1977
October 6 banners at Thammasat University
1976: A sea of blood
October’s ‘forgotten’ victims remembered
YouTube: 6 Oct 1976
2003: New website gives gruesome details of October 6 bloodbath
Memories of a massacre, cautionary tale for today

MEcomic35 - Manager Sep 4 2008
From Phujatkhan, September 4, 2008

The October 6, 1976 events are often thought of as the forgotten Thai political upheaval. Officials are more happy to memorialize the 1973 revolution rather than the 1976 right-wing revenge on students that so implicitly cited the monarchy as part of its rationale.

However, the rise of the People Power Party in 2008 finally brought right-wing villain Samak Sundaravej to the premiership as a Thaksin proxy PM (Clowns, cronies, dimwits crowd centre stage). The press then went after Samak’s involvement in the 1976 massacre and his subsequent downplaying of events.

Samak Denies the 1976 Massacre
Samak becomes pale when shown his picture taken with Prapass
Historians reject PM’s ‘distortions’
Will Sutham call Samak over Oct 6 truth?
Don’t twist the history of the 1976 October 6 Massacre!
Samak’s atonement
Samak blows his top after questioned about press censorship following Oct 6 1976 event
…Samak said it was too much that Abhisit wasted most of debate time in trying to teach him although his party won 233 House seats while Abhisit’s party won only 165 House seats…
Editorial cartoon: Samak in hell
All about Samak Sundaravej

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