1972: This is Thaniya Building

This is Thaniya Building – Bangkok Post, July 4, 1972
Silom area in 1972… Which direction is this photo facing?

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  1. Grant Taylor says:

    This must be looking down Soi Thaniya with Silom Road on the far side of what is now the Thaniya Plaza building.

  2. dave hatcher says:

    Pretty sure it’s from the Suriwong end of Thaniya soi – near the BKK Bank branch there and close to Jim Thompson House. Same year I first arrived in country.

  3. Doug says:

    I think it’s looking down Silom Road from where Silom Complex is now.

  4. Grant Taylor says:

    Doug, Silom Road was much more developed in 1972 than the road shown in the photo, tho’ not nearly as much as now! If you orient Thaniya Plaza to the two roads then this is Soi Thaniya, but without the Japanese! Dave, you’re right, but it is well in from Suriwong Road, close to half way down.

  5. dave hatcher says:

    Dear Grant, you are probably correct, closer to Thaniya Bldg & Silom Road than Suriwong. Yes, also, Silom Road was much better developed then. Dusit Thani Hotel, IBM “vegetable scraper” bldg at Saladaeng. Carlton Restaurant at corner of Convent Road. Many four to eight story office buildings all along Silom Road. Lucy’s Tiger Den, Roaring Twenties, KFC fried chicken, Thai Danu Bank, and Club 99 “all spooks’ hangout” on other side of Silom where CP Bldg & others nearby are now down to Soi Pipat.

  6. Doug says:

    I agree I was wrong. I was just at Saladaeng BTS and took a good look at the building.

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