Tu’s Poop

From Manager, November 16, 2010
Left, the caption under Jatuporn Prompan reads: Tu [the nickname of Jatuporn Prompan]
Right: Tu's poop [The word in Thai, "Kee Tu" is a combination of the word "kee" = poop and Tu = "playing tricks." "Tu" also happens to be the nickname of Red Shirt leader Jatuporn. Here, word play is employed to make "kee tu" mean unreliable speech.]
The "kee" is saying: There will be MOM CHAO [royalty] joining our party.
[This refers to the debacle last month when Pheu Thai members were boasting that a royal figure would join their party. This was to deflect criticism that the Pheu Thai Party is anti-royalty and also to allege that there are those in the traditional establishment that support Thaksin.]
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