I suspect that our amulet begins to lose sacred power!!!

From Manager, November 8, 2010
Left: I suspect that our amulet begins to lose sacred power!!!
The other man says: Yes... This cannot protect from the 9 iron-fisted rules of Mark like before.
The words on the building in the background reads: Bhumjaithai Party
The caption reads: The fellows of Luang Por Hoy begin to lose faith [name of an amulet used to tease Newin as the father of his party]

[This refers to the nine strict rules of PM Abhisit applied to coalition parties in the cabinet. Despite trying to resist these rules by threatening to pull out of the government, the coalition parties have been forced to abide by them.
Part of being a Thai "big man" is the idea that rules do not have to apply to those in sufficiently high positions and thus the caving in of the Bhumjaithai cabinet members to their ideological enemies, the Democrats, time and again is humiliating on a very deep level.
These events, combined with several other factors, are increasingly making Bhumjaithai look like the odd party out in a political future. Newin and the Democrats were only forced together by military pressure at the end of the People Power Party's reign and any coalition including the Democrats in the future would be happy to consign the brutish Bhumjaithai to the opposition.
The Pheu Thai has spewed such hatred at Newin and Bhumjaithai for betraying Thaksin that it seems unlikely any accommodation could ever take place between them.]
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