The Recent Songkran Festival

The Recent Songkran Festival - Kha parjam Wan Arthit (Sunday’s article) by Khwad, Daily News, April 19, 2009
The title is “The Recent Songkran Festival”

Top right: There is another historical page of the tragic Songkran 2009 - The word close to the map of Thailand says “breakup” [This refers to the regionally based political movements to take over the country and overturn the aristocracy.]

Middle left: The little canary has to move again - The captions around Thaksin say “Head to Africa” and “Goodbye Dubai” ["Little canary" is a Thai idiom to describe those who have to be far away their homeland.]

Middle right: It is for Thais to learn to be accustomed to living with the emergency decree

Lower middle left: The buses that were seized by the red today are to be seized by some other groups. The man, who appears to be Newin because of his large lower lip, is saying “4,000 buses” [As with the articles above there is much conjecture that Newin who controls one of the largest parties in the coalitions has an interest in making the reds and yellows fight as this weakens them and will pave the way for his own ascension to power.]

Lower middle right: The word "two standards" is still to be proved by the government of the O-BA-MARK” [The government is said to apply different standards to the PAD and UDD--these are the "two standards." Due to the youth of PM Aphisit, he is often compared to U.S. President Obama--thus the name "O-BA-MARK" (mark being the nickname of Aphisit). The burning airport represent the "burning issue" of the two standards.]

Bottom: At least  there is one thing acknowledged--the government is able to succeed in doing something.
The caption by PM Abhisit reads: The government succeeds in enforcing the emergency decree and performs better than the past government of Somchai.
[Former PM Somchai (as well as Samak), both attempted to get the police or military to crack down on PAD protesters without success.
The burning OTOP plate is placed among items symbolizing things the government has been facing difficulties or criticism: the OTOP project, check distribution and the career project. OTOP is criticized for the lacking efficiency in continuing the project and the idea was copied from the past government’s policy. The career promotion project is criticized for its limited budget. The check distribution project is criticized for its delay and the procedures as well as the budget spent on the affair.]

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