Nakornsawan Provincial Administration Organization Chief

(Photo: AJ)

Above: The poster reads: Sunday 5 September 9.00-15.00 o'clock - Together we can - Please vote Manop Sripueng to be Nakornsawan Provincial Administration Organization Chief - Number 1 X

More on the Nakon Sawan election posters - September 9, 2010

Andreas writes: As you featured those election posters from Nakhon Sawan, maybe you'd like to know the background of this election, as it is currently around mid-term for the PAO and the next normal elections would be in 2012. The reason why this by-election was necessary is that the incumbent Amnat Sirichai was shot dead on July 12 by (AFAIK) still unknown assassinators. The unofficial result is that candidate number 1, Manop Siphueng has won by quite a bit margin. There were two more candidates to those you had photos, but these did only get way less votes than those two leading ones.

The 2Bangkok editor comments: I know someone who got 100 baht to vote for number 1 and 100 baht to vote for number 2 and they voted for neither...

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