10 Years Ago: Thailand’s age of libel

T is for trouble in the age of libel
After Picnic Corporation filed lawsuits seeking damages of Bt15 billion from newspapers it accuses of libel, experts and the media seem a little less inclined to even mention the names of companies mired in controversy.
…One of the hottest topics was Thai Film Industries Plc, which is also embroiled in a scandal. To keep their feet out of hot water, panellists dubbed the company “T Packaging”. TFI is owned by the politically connected Mahagitsiri family, which also owns the controversial Thainox Stainless Plc.
As the seminar continued, however, the use of pseudonyms started confusing the audience and many looked like they were trying to solve riddles in the dark trying to deduce which companies the speakers were talking about.
…And the more explaining he did, the more bewildered the audience grew. Finally, Chalee Chantanayingyong, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s assistant secretary-general and one of the speakers, couldn’t take it anymore.
Said Chalee curtly: “Let’s knock it off. Just say the full name of the company for the sake of understanding.”

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