Thaksin Alive on April 26, 2010

(Source: Thaksin photos on AP)

AP has not retracted photos of Thaksin - April 29, 2010
Today very persistent rumors in the Thai-language world have insisted Thaksin is dead. To back this up, it is being reported via email, blogs, and forums that AP has removed the recent photos of Thaksin from April 26 and admitted they were tricked.
The reality is that AP has not removed photos of Thaksin and have not admitted they were tricked. All the material and story are still available online.
These rumors have been stoked because of the Photoshopped photos of Thaksin allegedly visiting various locations posted on April 25. There is also a widely emailed joke photo Photoshopped to show Thaksin's wanted photo crudely inserted in a funeral photo (below).

(Source: Photopshopped image from a Thai email forward)

(Photo: Risto Bozovic)

The unpublished photos of Thaksin taken on April 26, 2010

Thaksin apparently was alive and looked like this three days ago on April 26. received a series of 11 additional photos from Risto Bozovic who was one of the photographers covering Thaksin that day.

It seems to reaffirm that the April 26 photos of Thaksin are contemporary and not from an earlier time as rumored.

Risto Bozovic comments: I can understand situation in Thailand, but all pictures of Shinawatra were authentic, taken on April, 26, 2010 in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. He had some meeting in First Financial Bank in Podgorica, and after that he gave short statement for... the local media...

Also: The crowd's wisdom on Thaksin's death rumour - The Nation, April 30, 2010
The Nation could better spend its time verifying these rumors rather than perpetuating them and tweeting that they do not know if he is alive or dead. Whatever the truth of Thaksin's condition, the reporters and photographers involved in the recent Thaksin photography are just an email away.
Also: I still have many Thais telling me, after all this information, that AP has removed the story and photos and admitted they are fake. Again, this is not the truth. AP has made no retraction at this point.

(Photo: Risto Bozovic)

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