Red Publications – November, 2010

Red publications - November, 2010
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From Red Power, Editor’s declaration By Somyod Prueksakasemsook, November, 2010
Title: The freedom capital of the Red Power and the remnants of political figures

Summary of his article: Somyod Prueksakasemsook informs the readers of Red Power about the price increase of the publication due to his difficulty of publishing the books inside Thailand due to the limitation of press freedom caused by ruling political figures. According to Somyod, he was under surveillance after publishing the truth about the Ratchaprasong rally dispersal in the earlier publication, Voice of Taksin. Next, he struggled to launch Red Power to continue bringing truth to society, but he still faces political menace. He criticizes incumbent political figures who were involved with the use of force for the rally dispersal on May 19, 2010 and compares them to human corpses.

From Manager, November 9, 2010: Red Power presses raided by police for incitement

From Red Power, Column: Rasprasong, November, 2010
[The name of the column refers to the will of the people.]
The headline reads: The assessment of the fight of the people and the summary of lessons

From Red Power, November, 2010
The headlines read: The troubled’s 9 failure [This refers to PM Abhisit's nine rules for cabinet members.]
Jatuporn Prompan... the gang to topple royalty does exist!!!
Pakklong Market owner fleeces the rental payment pitilessly [one of several articles to try to show that Red Shirts are dealing with grassroots people's concerns]
The strategy of hunting freedom - The ending [referring to the final chapter of the strategy of seeking freedom]

From Red Power, November, 2010
The headline reads: The Labor Union Assembly - Asks for promise of the Abhisit ruling government [to] raise the minimum wage rate to 250 baht

From Red Power, November, 2010
The headline reads: Next publication - The special interview of Major General Sanan Kajornprasart, the next [runner up/backup] Prime Minister

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, Cartoon by Mod Daeng, November 5-11, 2010
The headline reads: The Demon in the Graveyard
The man on the left is labeled: Judge
The words on PM Abhisit in the middle: Mark [PM Abhisit's nickname] - 91 dead bodies
The words on the peeking our from behind the tombstone: Chuan [Chuan Leekpai - Democrat Chief Advisor]
The words on the tombstone read: Constitution Court - Birth 1998 - Death 2010
Chuan is saying: Don’t resist us. We are deities. Everything we do is correct.
The sign on the dish of chicken reads: Asking to return justice. [This is an offering to the devil in exchange of receiving something.]

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, November 5-11, 2010
The headline reads: Jail and the political movement
[The photo shows Da Topido, accused of lese majeste for several speeches she gave.]

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, November 5-11, 2010
The headline reads: The Burmese Throne - The final period of Burmese monarchy (part 72) - Being a colony of England is better than being fleeced by taxation from a king and noblemen

[This is part of a long series of articles that started in the Red Shirt publication Truth Today that detail the overthrow of monarchies throughout history.]

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, November 5-11, 2010
The headline reads: Missing people (inside) jail #4 ‘Nisit Sintuprai’ (former Roi-ed MP) - If comparing a teacher with a 'giver', Nisit Sintuprai is a knowledge giver for democracy, legitimacy and equality. From teaching politics both inside and outside parliament, the former MP's role is as a school director of the Red. Despite his time without freedom, he hopes to create “fellows who walk shoulder in shoulder” following the path of democracy. It is not strange if a hundred thousand or a million Reds miss him.
[This is a profile of one of the detained Red leaders.]

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, November 5-11, 2010
The headline reads: The truth in the UK
[Article critical of PM David Cameron's Christmas trip to Thailand. It contends he does not realize how dangerous Thailand is and that the trip legitimates the government.]

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, November 5-11, 2010
The headline reads: Word by word of Ban Ki Moon
[This is a transcript of Ban Ki Moon's comments regarding Red Shirt pleas for the U.N. to intervene and give Red Shirt leaders asylum.]
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