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From Red Power, August 15, 2010
The headline reads: Burapha Payak [moves] - Democrat Party nods [in agreement]
[This refers to the ascendancy of the Burapha Payak military click in the military reshuffle. Officers in this group are generally very anti-Thaksin. The desire to prevent the military from being reshuffled and filled with anti-Thaksin generals was what was behind the Red Shirt insistence of immediate government dissolution and elections during their 2010 occupation of Bangkok.]

The rest of the headline reads: The great duck queen of the Office of the Auditor General - The wicked scheme before the failure of the nation

[The "duck queen" refers to Auditor General Jaruwan Menthaka, criticized for alleged corruption in her organization’s performance and for staying on in the position after her retirement age. The Auditor General position was to be one of the independent checks on a sitting government enshrined in the 1997 constitution. This concept of an independent check on Thai governments was an unprecedented innovation and has been a very hard one for the political system to accept. The Thai Rak Thai-led government immediately tried to replace Jaruwan with their own appointee (as well as making a concerted effort to co-opt the other independent checks and balances). The current Democrat-led government has seemed eager to be rid of Jaruwan as well.]

From Red Power, August 15, 2010
The caption reads: 26 August 2010 is the 90th anniversary of Gen. Prem Tinnasulanonda and the two year anniversary of the “backed-up mob”, which is the model of the two most radical problems in Thailand, making the people who love justice and righteousness to unite as the Red Shirts to call for justice and equality continuously

[Anti-privy council references still loom large including the idea of the "backed-up" mob. The "backed-up" mob refers to the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) which the author insinuates is being backed up by people they will not name. The mention of the "two year anniversary" refers to 2008 when the PAD came out to eventually oust the Thaksin-directed People Power Party from power.]

From Red Power, Peerasak Chaitham, August 15, 2010
The headline reads: 26 August 2010, the two year anniversary of the "backed-up mob"

From Red Power, Column Analysis Author: Somyos Prueksakasemsuk, August 15, 2010
The headline reads: Burapha Payak gives a signal [moves] - Democrat Party nods [in agreement]

From Red Power, August 15, 2010
The headline reads: 6 Army commanders of  Burapha Payak

[There are two major military groups at present: Burapha Payak and Wong Thewan. Burapha Payak consists of key army figures like Gen Anupong Paojinda and Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwan.
We have long predicted that, as part of the Pheu Thai move to ensure it can take part in a future government, there would soon be a concerted effort to attack the military and paint new Commander-in-Chief Prayuth as a dictator. This in a effort to warn off the military from blocking a pro-Red Shirt party coming to power in the future.]

From Red Power, Somyod Prueksakasemsuk, August 15, 2010
The headline reads: The freedom hunting operation (part4) "I do not fear you"
On top of the hour glass is the work: Bill [referring to the emergency decree] 

From Red Power, Dr. Satang Dangrangrit, August 15, 2010
The headline reads: Economic overview - Checking the government’s lies on a more favorable economy

From Red Power, Kanin Boonsuwan, August 15, 2010
The headline reads: Super duck queen of the Office of Auditor General - In wartime fighting together, in peace period fighting each other - The return to the position of OAG Chief after the completion of her retirement age following the decision of advisor to Senate Speaker is unlawful
[Refers to the controversy surrounding Jaruwan Menthaka's refusal to give up her Auditor General position.]

From Red Power, Author Robin warrior / Nakrob Robin, August 15, 2010

The headline reads: The Red Sunday Group - the uncommon symbolic fighting
The article reads: The symbolic movement of the Red Sunday group under the leadership of Sombat Boongamanong or Bor Kor Lai Chud, former President of the Thailand Mirror Foundation, who said, "ban me from talking, I will type, ban me from typing, I will write, ban me from writing, I will think, ban me from thinking, it is a must to ban my breath."
He is under close watch of every social sector after the movement of the group defies the power of the emergency decree by the ruling government of PM Abhisit Vejjajiva.
"The symbolic movement is to put the significance of politics into activities that do not express their meaning directly. It is similar to the ironic teasing, but when it reaches the point that the people understand it, this will generate great power and the movement like this has benefit as it is not about physical violence, not costly. The public can join and it is powerful.”
Sombat explained the form of the political symbolic movement. The Red Sunday group continue to host activities every Sunday starting with wearing red...“

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