Red publications – Garuda cover – March, 2010

Red publications - March, 2010 - Garuda cover
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From Voice of Taksin, March 1-16, 2010

The headline reads: Masked robbery - Breakup [meaning that the present Thai government and ruling class have stolen the country and their time of ruling is about to end. The face is torn out of the symbol of the Royal Thai Government, a garuda.]
[Other headlines] Brutal October 6th of the year 2010 [refers to the massacres of October 6, 1976. The pro-Thaksin movement has often tried to link their movements to the anti-dictator protests of the past.]
A good home begins from [a good] father [This is an article by columnist Dr. Chanathip Siripanyawongse. This particular article has been widely criticized and discussed in Thai-language blogs as "father" in this context usually refers to the Thai monarch as the father of the nation.]
GT 200, the hot detector pressures against Anupong [refers to the bomb detector scandal]

[Articles and imagery in this issue in particular give the impression that Thaksin is not merely campaigning against the Privy Council, but the monarchy itself. These kinds of statements from pro-Thaksin publications have only become greater over time.]

From Voice of Taksin, March 1-16, 2010
The quote: This land bears witness, We are student of great guru, We do wrong, we deserve punishment, We did not, but punished, may this sword be returned
[This is part of Thaksin's speech to his supporters on the day after the confiscation verdict. It is a quote from a poem composed by Siprachya, a famous poet of the Ayudhaya era who faced a death sentence and composed the verses before his death as a kind of curse against aristocrats.]

From Thai Red News, March 19-25, 2010
The headline reads: Red blood letting [bleeding] in exchange for parliament dissolution - Mark [PM Abhisit] neglects [governing] like [the case of] Police Colonel Sompien Eksomya [This refers to the Bannungsata Police Superintendent who died in the Deep South after trying to be transferred out of the region. The case exposed the police systems of paying for promotions and transfers.]
Other stories on the left side: Who is who in the coup maker team by Jakkapob Penkair
Who is the real one in the gang toppling royal figures by Sa-ard Jandee
Different facial and eye expressions by Chaiburi people

From Thai Red News, back cover, March 19-25, 2010
The headline reads: Another side of the historical record - The justice of Thailand? - The contradiction of the verdict in the allegations of the asset confiscation case - Thaksin
The declaration of the finalization of the case - Reveling the information that the governmental and mainstream media is not allowed to reveal…! - CNS [Council for National Security] and ASC [Asset Scrutiny Committee] - Sold at top bookstores nationwide

From Lokwannee Wansook [Daily World Today Happy Day], March 20-26, 2010
The headline reads: Class war - ‘Peasant-Aristocrat’ (a little more bravery…Pheu Thai MP)
Other headlines on the right: The death of Pol Col. Pien - Prateep-Abhisit must resign [Acting National Police Chief Police General Prateep Tanprasert]
The red shirt-aristocrats... this war is very big
The verdict of ML. Rithithep Devakul [a judge in the case of Thaksin’s asset confiscation] not to seize Thaksin’s assets - Senile authority is the character of aristocracy

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