New Year’s Cartoons 2010

New year's cartoons 2010 - from Prachachart Turakij, December 31, 2009
The words at the top: A proverb meaning something like "calm one's heart (or mind) to fight the tiger.". The saying refers to the state of being calm to face a tough situation. The year "2553" is on the tiger's body. At the left are political figures such as PM Abhisit Vejjajiva, Deputy PM Suthep Tuaksuban, Finance Minister Korn Jatikavanich, Democrat Chief Advisor Chuan Leekpai, etc.

More new year's cartoons - from Daily News, January 1, 2010
The title reads: Welcome New Year 2010 - The year of wild tiger!
Government figures are riding on the back of a tiger. Newin holds a sign that reads: Love the nation so much
Among the politicians represented: Gen. Surayud is on a mountain with his controversial forest house, Thaksin sails by on an airplane pursued by Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwan on an f-16, Chavalit raises a flag, etc.

Khao Sod, December 30, 2009
This shows Prime Minister Abhisit riding a bull from the year of the bull 2009 while other political figures surround him.

Daily News, January 1, 2010
The words read: Sawasdee [welcome] Crouching Tiger Year
[referring to the new year of the tiger and the recent woes of golfer Tiger Woods]

From Matichon, January 1, 2010
The red word are a poem (roughly translated):
O! all humans animal's mind
they were born with sick minds
they have done and are doing many wrong things
to invite others to be in their group
do not associate with those who are selfish alone,
and the world will, therefore, be happy,
so being selfish and taking only benefits for oneself is not good
bad karma to a human's animal mind is war
(ego, jealous, envy , betrayal, corrupting each other... and more...)
[meaning doing things with an animal's mind leads to war]
By Khanchai Boonparn

[The poem to greet New Year 2010 is aimed at reminding the political figures to behave with the benefit of the people as priority and not fight among themselves for their own benefit.]

Daily News, December 31, 2009

The title reads: Farewell to the year of cow?
On the oar PM Abhisit is holding: The government ship
The words on the green bag: Nuek nuek ngak ngak [this is supposed to represent a sound which means “not smooth” indicating events have not been easy.]
The words on the blue jar reads: The alcoholic drink brand of house number 111 [This refers to the 111 banned TRT executives who continue to undertake political principally to lead country people to flock to Thaksin's cause. "Ya Dong" is a type of alcoholic drink created by mixing herbs and liquor which is kept for a period of time to ferment. The word "dong" also refers to something that drags on and is incomplete or a matter that is still waiting to reach an end. Thus, this is meant to refer to the disbarment of Thai Rak Thai executives who are still waiting out their political disbarment.]
The red letters on paper on the ground read: The tiger year’s budget [perhaps indicating that politicians scrambling for benefits from the government budget will be problem this year.]
The letter on the man’s shirt is the Thai letter: Hor [This is a Red Shirt with steam coming out of his nose indicating anger and he is holding a slingshot which has been a fixture of aggressive pro-Thaksin protests since the August 2008 fighting during the Samak premiership.]
Many other political figures are in the cartoon including Chavalit Yongchaiyudh (with big lips) holding a amulet with Thaksin's face on it, Commander-in-Chief Anupong holding a bandaged Thailand, and Chuan holding a glass of brandy and giving the thumbs up.

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