Illustrated Prophecies

(Source: AsiaWeek, February 2, 1994, "Illustrated for AsiaWeek by Juanito V. Canonizado")

"Illustrated Prophecies" from Asiaweek - May 8, 2010

Above and below are examples of the "Illustrated Prophecies" cartoons from AsiaWeek magazine in the 1990s. They were subtle, clever and sometimes provocative. They were drawn by a variety of artists.

We were looking for one we remember set in Bangkok. It had a car on a divided highway and this caption: "I am in my car on the road just opposite the entrance to your soi. I'll be there in three hours."

(Source: AsiaWeek, March 23, 1994, "Illustrated for AsiaWeek by Renato G. Jardiniano")

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