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(Source: Unival Group)

How does the GT200 "work?" - January 29, 2010
[Thanks to Mud for pointing this out.]

From 4 - How does the GT200 work?
The GT200 works on the principal of dia/para magnetism. All substances carry a magnetic charge that, when stimulated by an impulse of electricity, (static) creates an attraction between the substance being detected and the GT200 unit itself. This is called EMA or Electro Magnetic Attraction.
The simple way to explain this technology is to take an inflated balloon and rub it on your hair. A static charge is being created making that balloon "attract" it to say, a wall. Provided that there is enough charge on that balloon, it will remain "attracted" to the wall for an indefinite amount of time. However, once the "charge" has dissipated, the balloon will then "unattached" between itself and fall to the ground.
What the GT200 is doing is creating an "attraction" between itself and the substance it wants to detect. Through the Substance Sensor Card and the movement of an operator, an attracting field is created in the card reader that, in turn causes the Receiver"s antenna of the GT200 to "lock onto" a signal, indicating the direction in which the substance can be located. When the magnetic signal of the substance that the GT200 is searching for, is located within its detection range, the GT200 receiving antenna will move toward the direction that the substance exist. In essence the GT200 functions like a hyper sensitive receiver

(Source: Unival Group)

From Unival Group: HEDD1® - Handheld Explosive Detection Device Technology
HEDD1® is setting new standards in handheld explosive detection based on its unique patented Magneto-Electrostatic Detection (MED) method.
HEDD1® forms a modulated Magnetic Field (MMF) that allows detection of all types of commercial and military explosives (TNT, Dynamite, Ammonite & Diesel, PETN, RDX, Gun-powder,Semtex, C4 etc.) including liquid explosives (TATP etc.) within a distance between 2-100 meters behind and through all types of barriers (including concrete, steel etc.).

And a pdf here.

More bomb sniffer scams - February 1, 2010
Nils reports: Yikes, how many variants/companies exploiting this scam are there?
Apart from ATSC's "ADE651", e-k9's "GT200" and Unival's "HEDD1", there's one more device called "Sniffex." Here is one of many failed tests, filmed by hidden camera, apparently at a trade show.
And: the now banned ADE651 from the UK was sold to the Thai Border Police, in addition to the GT200 sold to the army??? ADE651 Advanced Detection Training in Thailand
The above video was put up by fraudster Jim McCormick himself. (.....note the lovely comments!)
Meanwhile, the ATSC company website is down.

Yet more on the GT200 'detectors' - February 12, 2010
Nils points out: Covers the whole fraudulent history of  the GT200, ADE651, Alpha 6, Sniffex, Sniffex Plus, HEDD1, H3 Tec, MOLE, PSD-22, Quadro Tracker etc...

James Randi sums it all up - Excerpt from Nation TV - Mexican who built his own 'detector'

Something similar from Thailand (5:00-6:00 is hilarious) - One of the sarcastic user comments:"you should offer this to the Thai government... should be possible to sell it for 700,000-800,000 Baht..."

INEFFECTIVE BOMB DETECTOR - Army drops GT200 bombshell - The Nation, February 19, 2010
..."I understand the scientific tests, but what the Army is trying to say is the device operators on the ground can use them effectively. This may not be explained scientifically, but I'm telling the truth," Anupong said...

From Not the Nation: Army defends Gt200 scanners as “able to detect money”

Testing shows scanners 100% effective in locating illegal profits for army officers...

From Not the Nation: GT200 scanners to be replaced with fortune tellers, feng shui experts, amulets and reincarnated geckos
“Proven technologies” sure to detect bombs, say Thai scientists...

Why Thailand still uses discredited bomb detectors - Christian Science Monitor, March 1, 2010
...Thai courts don’t admit GT200 readings as evidence in criminal cases. But the military has used them widely to identify suspects in the south who are then “invited” for questioning under emergency laws, says Sunai Pasuk, a Thai researcher for Human Rights Watch. The group has documented torture and other forms of abuse in military custody...

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