Ban Ki-moon in Thai newspaper editorials

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Thai editorial cartoons - November 3, 2010

Above: From Thai Rath, Cartoon by Sia, October 26, 2010
The cartoon title reads: Urging with the lives and blood of the red heroes with blood and tears
The word on the sign in front of the house: Ratchaprasong
The words on the hooded figure: Order crackdown on the people
The words on the petition: Justice - May 18-19 in Thailand
The word on the man's headband: UDD

[This cartoon before Ban Ki-moon's visit strikes a hopeful tone as noble Red Shirts submit their petition to the U.N. and Bangkok is flooded in a sea of blood and tears.]

From Thai Rath, Cartoon by Sia, October 28, 2010
The cartoon title reads: Will he be able to feel the cruel touch?
The words on the hooded figure: Order crackdown on the people
The pile of skulls are saying: We are killed at Ratchaprasong intersection, We are killed at Pan Fah, It kills us at the Kokwua intersection, Killed at Bonkai, It kills us on Ratchaprarob Road, It kills us inside Lumpini Park, We are shot on head at Soi Rangnam
The word on the sign at bottom right: Massacre of 91 around Bangkok

[This cartoon reflects the UDD unease as it was revealed that Ban Ki-moon would be lunching with the Prime Minister and his wife. Around this time Red Shirts began saying that Ban Ki-moon must be denounced for shaking hands with a murderer.]

From Thai Rath, Cartoon by Sia, October 29, 2010
The cartoon title reads: Is this the UN standard?
The word on the jail wall reads Hunting, seizing, putting in jail, filing charges of terrorism - Thai political prisoners
Ban Ki-moon is saying: Massacre of UDD - Thais should solve by themselves - I am not involved - Calling to release political prisoners in Burma
The words on the signs at bottom right: Release the UDD prisoners - Closing eyes without looking at the truth

[After the refusal of the U.N. to intervene in the Red Shirt cause, the cartoonist points out the U.N.'s call to free Myanmar political prisoners. Red Shirt leaders, who claim to be purely political prisoners protesting peacefully against the government, are to dealt with internally by Thai authorities.]

From Manager, October 28, 2010
Ban Ki-moon is saying to Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: As Maew [Thaksin] is not my son, therefore, you are not my nephew.

[This refers to what is perhaps Thaksin's most famous quote--"The United Nations is not my father"--said in response to a possible U.N. visit to Thailand regarding the government's extra-judicial killing of alleged drug dealers which claimed over 2000 lives.
In this cartoon, Ban Ki-moon, in the Thai position of an "uncle" who is receiving a humble request of help from those below him, refuses the request of help because of Thaksin's derisive quote about the U.N.

Nils adds: The figures standing behind Jatuporn are pret (ghosts with tiny mouths who are being punished for mistreating their parents when they were children)...... cf. the first ghost on the page that you mentioned a few days ago (therefore also the writing "Pret Thailand" on one of them.) So the meaning is to reinforce Ban Ki-moon's negative reply by citing Thai folklore: as Thaksin and his kin once abused their "father", the UN, they are now getting some sort of supernatural retribution for their deeds, and any attempt at appealing to the UN must be doomed from the outset.

More about the anti-drug war: Thailand War on Drugs Turns Murderous, 600 Killed This Month -- Human Rights Groups Denounce Death Squads, Executions - Thaksin Shinawatra, Shooting To Win - “Why did your police kill my granny Mr. Thaksin?”

It is important to note that the campaign of killings was extremely popular with the public. Both the Samak government and present government have said they planned to commence an anti-drug campaign.]

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