Baby ghosts

Baby ghosts

(Source: Komchadluek, July 5, 2010)

Black Magic in 2010 - Baby corpses on sale on website - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, July 5, 2010

In 1994 society was shocked by the news of "Nen Air" or "Han Raksajit", a well-known magician who was arrested for grilling a boy to make a magic ghost. He was arrested and released. He continued his life in black magic showbiz and was arrested again due to the money [problems] and luring women. The Court recently gave him a sentence of 100 years on June 23.

Ten years later, there is news on the stealing of a dead body of a girl from a coffin in Saiyok in Kanchanaburi. The case highlights the subject involving black magic that is widespread.

In the year 2010, the era of social networks is booming and communication is made through Facebook and Twitter, but strangeness continues. Police found the dead bodies of 14 babies from abortions preserved in bottles in an abandoned house in a district in Ubon Ratchathani. "Nangnoi Kawan," an agent who brought pregnant girls to have abortions admits that dead children are preserved to send to customers in the southern area at 1,000 baht each. The supply is unlimited. They used the bodies for black magic ceremonies!?!

The dark magic belief is that a boy is used to create a boy ghost, known as Kumarn Thong and for girls a Kumari or girl ghost. To bring the child's body out of the casket, spells are used on the four corners of the coffin lid to insure the souls of children not to pester the living. Then the corpse is roasted and passes a 9 days, 9 nights ceremony before being pickled and wrapped in beeswax. Some are made dry and taken up to the mantel shelf, slightly lower than the Buddha's shelf and worshiped with red sweet drink, boiled eggs and the incense and candles with the belief that the worship have a positive impact on trade and without good care, it can make the owner of the corpse to face mental illness.

(Source: Komchadluek, July 5, 2010)

One magic occult specialist in Khon Kaen provides information that nowadays the black magic occult still makes Kumarnthong and Baby Ghosts, most of them in Surin, Si Sa Ket and Cambodia. The bodies of infants are brought from illegal abortion clinics and price depends on the negotiation.

When the baby bodies were delivered, they would be roasted to dry and oil was taken from the bodies. The complete ceremony to consecrate the corpse uses savory food, flowers, white cloth, candle, and incense sticks. Some people use a propitious time for performing auspicious rituals. This audience of the ceremony will be people who eat and live with the ghosts and do not respect monks.

When the ceremony is finished, magic is performed to bring the soul of child to be adopted by the owner. Worshiping with water and rice and treating well the Kumarnthong will bring good support to the family and help guarding home very well.

In addition, a baby's unbiblical cord can be made as a sacred object. The dried chord is believed by the successor to make talisman for lucrative for trade and prosperity. It is in rare today and mostly cat's placentas are used instead. Amulet talismans are very popular among female traders.

Some core black magicians use the soil from seven cemeteries in place of a child's body or use auspicious wood types called Mai Rak and Mai Yom or sheet metal or gold and from that create child images. The image is then chanted upon and 32 characters written on it to retrieve the soul of a child. The golden boy that is made by this way is popular to promote lucrative for trade and prosperity.

(Source: Komchadluek, July 5, 2010)

Tiger Khemtewada, lecturer from Thailand's Tattoo Club, famous for the tattoo charms and Salika Lin Thong, commented that although Thai society is developed greatly, if one look back to see, they will find that the development is not throughout the whole system. Story of faith like this still exists.

"Thai society is today more selfish. Each person cares how to survive and make a living. In Bangkok sometimes people living in neighborhoods don't know each other. Thai society has people who were left alone. They do not get help even if they are in trouble. This group of people needs encouragement. When no one gives them, they find the mysterious object that is auspicious according to their beliefs from ancient times."

As the Tattoo Club is aware of, the occult of magic talisman is favored among people in the Northeast because the people have belief in this type of mystery. Furthermore, the corpses of the dead bodies are easily attained than elsewhere.

A survey conducted in various temples in the vicinity show that many undertakers tell people come to contact them to buy dead children at the temple. The bid is from the 10,000 to 30,000 baht depending on the perfect integrity of the body.

"Suthep", an undertaker from one temple in Mahachai district revealed that people had contacted him to buy dead bodies of newborn babies often in the past, but not as much anymore. This is because foreigners [Thai from other areas of the countries] settle down to earn their living in the area. He talked with friends from other temples and confirmed that buyers contacted to buy, but did not say what they will use it for, however, it is enough to understand that the case involves with black magic.

The black magic trade deal does not occur only in the narrow society in suburbs, but also in the cyber world that would seems not to be involved. There are many sales announcements related to matter of magic as well as modern technologies. Knowledge of various qualifications are provided and clubs are set up.

For example, one member posts a message on their profile for rental of four amulets for 3,500 baht or, by separate sale, a baby ghost from Cambodia. Another member posted a message in the profile about an old baby ghost, framed already and with fabric amulet for luck and worship.

This will confirm part of the belief that black magic still exists, despite this being a modern age of the period where many say there is a boom of social networks.
by Chayanon Praneet

(Source: Komchadluek, July 5, 2010)

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