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From Mahaprachachon Weekend, Cartoon by Moddaeng, October 1-7, 2010
The headline of the cartoon reads: 4 years of the September19 coup - Despite the problem that cannot be solved in the long run, we can solve the short term problem
The top bubble reads: What is the short term problem?
General Sonthi says: The short term problem is that we can destroy democracy and the rights of the people
The name of the hanged man is on his shirt: Nuamthong Praiwal [This is a taxi driver who crashed his taxi into a tank during the coup and later hanged himself. He has since been lionized first by pro-Thaksin groups for his actions.]
The word on the paper in the man’s hand reads: Return Democracy
The word on the sign at the bottom left corner reads: Ratchaprasong intersection, there are dead people here

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, Column: Historical Record, October 1-7, 2010
The headline reads: Burmese throne - Final period of the Monarchy (67) - Last ‘Burmese Queen’ ordered war with the British Army

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, October 1-7, 2010
The headline reads: Reconciliation—She Nan [Sanan Kajornprasart]—shaking the city! - She Nan's version of reconciliation has shaken Thailand’s politics abruptly after the previous scene of "the order to kill the people and corruption" and the next scene of party dissolution? It might be time to clean the dirty plaque with red wine, but whether it will change the [political] pole? It might be hard... but to change the head might be easy...
[This is all about the political circling of old-style politician Sanan who is known for his Machiavellian politics and love of wine. In the article there are equal doses of ridicule and keeping open the possibility of Sanan leading a pro-Thaksin party.]
The bottom three articles: Outstanding articles inside
Turn resentment into power - Take loan for cheating and threatening the security [referring to the military blimp procurement scandal] - former Finance minister suggests resolution to the baht strengthening

Above: From Mahaprachachon Weekend, October 1-7, 2010
The word on the flag reads: Dissolve parliament

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