Red publications – September, 2010

Red publications - September, 2010
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From Mahaprachachon Weekend, Column: Historical Record, September 10-16, 2010
The headline reads: Burmese throne, the final period of the monarchy (64) - "Human carcass and crows" - The event of jail assassin in Burmese history
[This is from a book called "Burmese throne" by Sathien Pantharangsi. This is part of a long series of somewhat threatening articles in Red Shirt publications showing how monarchies throughout history have been overthrown.]

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, September 10-16, 2010
The title of the book is: The plan to make Thailand - On the issue of state and anti-state in the ruling period of Marshall Plaek Pibulsongkram, the second time (B.E. 2491-2500) [year 1948-1957] - Available today - Suthachai Yimprasert - at leading bookstore nationwide
[This is one of plethora of books coming out to reposition recent Thai history into a people's struggle against aristocrats.]

Above: From Red Power, September, 2010 - The new Red publications are as provocative as ever. Here the Prime Minster is pictured as a blood-stained Hitler.

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, Year 1, No. 1, September 3-9, 2010
[This is the banned Truth Today magazine with a new title.]
The cover reads: The media of democratic group who holds the principle of peace and non-violence
Thaksin Today, page 13
New Parliament - the heart of democracy, page 6-7
Meet the truth today team in the new form of a democratic group - the peaceful democratic fight - giving the whistle signal to service you in the front lines, holding the principles that we shape together - develop another step from the Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship to the National Democratic Group [apparently the new name of the UDD]

From Red Power, September, 2010
The back cover of the Red Power magazine reads: Release all UDD political prisoners - the 4 year anniversary of the September 19 coup 2006 - the big gathering Sunday September 19, 2010 in Chiangmai - contact 081-595-8295 089-500-7232

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, Column Break the hot issue Author Tai Muangmook, September 3-9, 2010
The title reads: Bangkok.. do not know, do not accept, do not change [this mocks the New Politics Party slogan from the recent city council elections]


From Mahaprachachon Weekend, Column: From the faraway land, September 3-9, 2010
Thaksin's message reads: August 30, 2007 - Dear readers, I have informed Mr. Worawut that I will launch the new weekend edition magazine again for sharing my traveling story with pictures. I bring the picture that I visit South Africa and pay a visit to President Nelson Mandela, the Nobel laureate for peace. After he was imprisoned for 27 years and fought until the color people received freedom from the white without revenge, he finally maintained national reconciliation successfully.

From Daily World Today, September 4, 2010

[Daily World Today has long been a Thaksin mouthpiece, but was never as over the top as any of the actual Red Shirt publications. However, since the end of the May protests, it has become as rabid as the Red Shirt publications complete with exhortations to fight and bloody imagery on its cover.]

The cover reads: Fight for justice for the deaths - Death business under the boot
Bilateral government and the coward reconciliation
Truth of thinking skills to seize Thailand’s future?
The ending of “Abhisit”? closing the election scene
Across the bottom: Work happily
Victor Bout, the secret key of world weapon trafficker
Mom noi returns to the scene as the immortal film producer
Lyon recruits European outsiders preparing for the match with Switzerland

From Red Power, September, 2010
The title reads: Does Veera betray in deed?

[This refers to the widespread impression that Veera betrayed Thaksin's orders to fight for immediate elections during the Red Shirt rallies and agreed to a government plan to call elections in November for an end to the rallies.]

The next headline reads: Opening the secret letter of ISOC [Internal Security Operations Command] revealing rotten Abhisit- Sirichoke Sopha.. the new rich

[This is a play on the Thai proverb KANG KOK KHUEN WOR referring to the people who gain power and are flattered by the status and then forget their previous state. Sirichoke Sopha is the Democrat MP, Thailand "Mr. Wallpaper" for his constant presence behind the prime minister on camera, who personally met with Victor Bout recently.

From Red Power, Column: Kom Khwam Kit Author Jit Ponlajan, September, 2010
The headline reads: The coup that ruins the Red Shirts

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, September 10-16, 2010
The man on the left is Kasit. He says: Prime Minister, there is someone who asks me to pass the compliment to you that you are a qualified man.
The man on the right is Mark [PM Abhisit]. He says: Who?
Kasit replied: Hun Sen, the cheap man, said it.
[This refers to a quote by Foreign Minister Kasit Biromya that referred to Cambodian leader Hun Sen as a cheap man--presumably referring to Hen Sen's price for being bought by Thaksin.].

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, September 10-16, 2010
The headline reads: The big problem [to seek the way-out] from ‘Anand’, how to answer the people?” [This refers to how elder statesman Anand Panyarachun will explain to the public about the deaths during the dispersal of the Red Shirts.]

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, September 10-16, 2010
The subtitle of the magazine reads: The media of democratic group of peace and non-violence
The main headline reads: Owner of the copyright [of] national reconciliation [this alludes to the reconciliation plan which the Red SHirt believe is controlled by the government and is one-sided]
The titles of the articles along the left side are: Owner of the copyright [of] national reconciliation [page] 9, No loss for Democracy [page]12, Thaksin today [page]13, Read the series of victims of dictatorship [page] 16 [this last one shows photos and stories from Red Shirts injured in their clashes with authorities]

From Mahaprachachon Weekend, September 10-16, 2010
The title reads: Who is the knife... who is the rebel?
[In the background is Nuamthong Praiwal, the man who drove his taxi into a tank to protest the coup in 2006. The man in the foreground is new Commander-in-Chief Gen. Prayuth Chanocha.]

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