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Above: From Voice of Taksin, March 1-16, 2010
The caption reads: Special campaign to greet the coup festival - Cheer up, Thaksin! – Do not throw more than 2 bottles a day!
[Employing Molotov cocktails has been often mentioned in Red Shirt speeches. Men carrying Molotov cocktails were a prominent feature of the April, 2009 rioting.
In this cartoon, imagery and advertising slogans from a popular energy drink are used along with the warning on the bottle advises not to drink more than two bottles per day.]

From Tawan Daeng ["Red Sun" publication with the slogan "being the light of wisdom and to be for the people"], March, 2010
The headline reads: The Privy Council President - prefers [being involved in with] politics - all the stories… [and] events that occurred already [This is a collection of the "best of" Red Shirt publication articles. The cover about Prem refers to the accusation that Prem, as head of the Privy Council, a body that advises and acts on behalf of the King, is deeply involved in politics.]

From Tawan Daeng, March, 2010
The headline reads: Ultra-royaliste with the revival and the collapse of the French monarch by Piyabutr Sangkanokkul

From Thai Freedom, March 2010
The headline reads: Special report - Politics Woman’s Power - Who: Swan lady on the Dragon’s thrown [this is a Chinese-Thai proverb expressing the power of woman over men. Powerful or lady from high class family will be compared to swan and man is dragon]
The words under the photo of Potjaman Shinawatra [Thaksin's ex-wife]: This issue honors the talented and brave hearted lady [At the bottom right is PM Abhisit’s wife, Pimpen]
[Comments in the Red Shirt press recently have been calling on Potjaman to lead a "people power" revolution in Thailand like Cory Aquino.]

From Thai Freedom, March 2010
The headline reads: Antiquarian killer... The number one thug of the aristocracy has not died... The war of classes has not ended! - Toppling the [the Nazi symbol] and the nation flourishes [refers again to Thaksin's arch enemy, Privy Council head Prem Tinsulanonda]
Article headlines at the bottom: It is time for Khun Ying to fight [one of the calls for Thaksin's ex wife Potjaman to lead a democracy movement] - The virtuous force, the force of democracy - The Thai Chamber of Commerce, dancer with the dictatorial aristocrat

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Special Article, Author: Somyod Prueksasuk, March 17, 2010
The headline reads: The Pan Fah coup - Abhisit ruling system to fail gently
The quote reads: Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva got the ring from Grandma Niem that drove his inspiration to become Prime Minister, but the situation at this moment when the pressure from the red shirt is great enough, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva will possibly step down from his post submissively and it is, hence, the ending of the Abhisit government

[This references Grandma Niew. She was an elderly Ubon Ratchathani resident cited by Abhisit in one of his early speeches as PM. She had previously given Abhisit a small gold ring as a gift in 2007. She became a lightning rod for conflict as Red Shirts attempted to disrupt her highly publicized meetings with the PM. At one point, Red Shirts broke into her intensive care hospital room before she died to berate her for her friendly attitude to the PM. As a stereotypical Esarn grandmother, her friendly overtures to the PM has been used by the Democrats to boost the Democrat Party image in the northeast.
Below is a sign the Democrats put up that mentions Grandma Niew.]


From October 21, 2009
The sign reads: I have promised Grandma Niem to take care of the elderly nationwide - As promised, we have done [it] - The lifetime pension project for the elderly

[These signs were almost universally defaced in Bangkok. The words sprayed on the sign read: creating debt]

From Voice of Taksin, March 17, 2010
The headline reads: Crisis - Court - Transitional signal - The Pan Fah coup - The Abhisit ruling system to gently fail
The homosexual chief warrior clashes with the boiling red [This refers to Privy Councilor head Prem. Examples of earlier attacks on Prem are here.]

Nils notes: "Crisis - Court - Transitional signal" - There must be some deeper/alternative meaning involved here, as the word ศาล (san) means court, but also shrine (as in san phra phum = spirit house) and there is some sort of spirit house on the cover. I really have no idea what this alludes to, though (and what the white bird and satellite dish signify??)
My wild guess would be that the intended meaning is "breaking the spiritual powers of the aristocrats...

PCV notes: In my opinion, the “san”, represented by the picture of shrine, refers to the court or justice system, anyway presented by the homophone word. The green barb wire should refer to the Army’s influence or, otherwise, the dictatorial group.
The bird (a white pigeon is symbol of the press) and the satellite dish refers to the role of media groups involved in the political fight between the different political color groups.

From Voice of Taksin, March 17, 2010
The back cover of the magazine reads: Dr. Phra Maha Chow Tassaneeyo and Dr. Adisorn Piengket - Apply for Voice of Taksin membership, call 081-286-9705, 089-482-8586 - Available at the Red Shop, Prae Pittaya, B2S, SE-ED, Thaksin Voice Shop, and Dokya

From Voice of Taksin, March 17, 2010
The scarecrow is saying: This is the ending of justice [refers to the "unjust" ruling taking Thaksin's assets by the court]

From Truth Today, March 9-11, 2010
The headline reads: Topple the aristocrat… release Thailand!?!”
[Meaning that if the aristocrat's influence is eliminated, Thailand will be returned to the people.]

From Thai Red News, March 12-18
The main headline reads: D-DAY, March 14, 2010 - Foot clappers to fight M16 - who will stay, who will [say] farewell? [This shows the red clapper foot, a symbol of Red Shirt protests, coming down on a soldier carrying an "aristocrat."]

From Truth Today, March 5-8, 2010
The headline reads: The Burmese throne - The final period of the monarchy system (44) - The power over the prince’s mother, the King’s wife and the affairs in the palace
[Another Red Shirt article examining the the end of royalty. This article covers the time Burmese royalty were struggling against inflence from England. According to the article, the conflict was caused by the desire for power of the Burmese king’s wife and prince’s wives.]

From Truth Today, March 9-11, 2010
The headline reads: The troubled villa - Another [villa] of an aristocrat - Surayud
[This refers to more accusation of land encroachment on the part of Privy Councilors. In this case, Gen. Surayud Chullanont, Privy Councilor and Prime Minister after the coup.] 
At the top right: The aristocrat-serving government is anxious, page 3

From Truth Today, Column: Want to have something in mind, Author: Nuttawut Saikua, March 12-15, 2010
The headline reads: The headquarters - 'Watermelon Soldier'
Title at the head of a long list of military officers: The names of the soldiers serving the aristocrats and backing the Abhisit-led government, getting rid of the people who love the Democracy under the Constitutional Monarchy - No. 1 Gen. Anupong Paojinda, position  Army Commander in Chief, etc.

[The article lists military officers who are loyal to the government and the present system. It claims there are men in green who are "red" inside ("watermelons") and will surely come to support their movement.]

From Truth Today, March 12-15, 2010
The headline reads: Hurting the people is a crime
At the top right: 100,000 weapons, 100,000 enemies, the mafia group is not able to resist people power, read page 19 [meaning people power will prevail even if they face 100,000 weapons and enemies]


From Voice of Taksin, Column: Compass, March 1-16, 2010
The headline reads: The red coup of France 1848, part 3: the temporary government
[Another in a series of articles about overthrowing French royalty. Here about people rising up to force the last French king to abdicate.]

From Thai Red News, March 5-11, 2010
The main headline reads: Aristocrat robs Thaksin - 46 billion - Thais cannot accept [the alleged robbery]

From Thai Red News, February 26-March 4, 2010
The headline reads: We will fight… Low Intensity Operation or Secret, Trickery and Camouflage

The article suggests the idea that Red Shirts should struggle against the aristocrat-backed policy referred to as "Low Intensity Operation" being used to destroy their movement. It is claimed that this Low Intensity Operation of the government consists of the following:
1. Psychological war by providing information that generates misunderstanding about the Red Shirt movement.
2. Artificial events to create violent situations to generate fears among the public and blaming the Red Shirts for the violent situations.
3. Arresting red leaders.
4. Continuing the ruling government status of the Democrats

Chart showing the the organizational order of Low Intensity Operations following Frank Kitson's plan:
Operational Command Center
Central operational command
- Soldier
- Police
- Civil Advisor
- Intelligence unit
- Operational unit
- General officers
Regional operational command
- Soldier
- Police
- Civil Advisor
- Intelligence unit
- Operational unit
- General officers

From Thai Red News, February 26-March 4, 2010
The headline read: Lap Luang Phrang (Low Intensity Operations) [Lap Luang Phrang (Secrets, Trickery, Camouflage) is also the title of a notable Thai book on politics by Wassana Nanuam.
The article explains "Low Intensity Operations" following the theory of Frank Kitson who used these methods to deal with tribes in Kenya and to suppress Malaysian communists.]

[This series of articles appears to reflect Red Shirts fears that their movement is being blunted by a series of successful government moves to define them as a violent hired mob working on behalf of Thaksin.
On the other hand, there are continued reports of provincial people joining the Red Shirt cause after being "educated" about how the government violently suppressed the "peaceful" Red Shirt protests last April during Songkran.]

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Columnist, March 1-16, 2010
The headline reads: The sponsored media!!! - Love the nation, do not believe the wicked media!
[This refers to the TAN network which is made up of personnel from the former ASTV channels. The photo shows PM Abhisit and the executive team of TAN at the network launch. TAN has maintained that they are impartial and not connected to the anti-Thaksin movement.]

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Gen Chavalit Intelligent, Columnist: Anek Laothammatad, March 17, 2010
The headline reads: Like the power of the new world… the hit of political science earthquake [predictions of a coming political revolution in Thailand]

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Lesson from the war, Author: Assoc Prof Dr. Pichit Likhitkitsomboon, March 17, 2010
The headline reads: The people’s revolution in Thailand
The quote reads: The suppression against democracy lovers that is coming will lead to “the revolution of the people” that peace lovers do not call for, but the dictators themselves will arouse

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Special Interview by Chanathip Choomkasien, March 1-16, 2010
The headline reads: The Dharma flag of the red shirt people - Dr. Phra Maha Chow Tassaneeyo

Ordaining 100,000 monks - March 2, 2010

From Truth Today, March 3-8, 2010
The headline reads: 12 March at 12.00 o’clock - moving force [moving the reds] nationwide - toppling the aristocrat backed government
Headline at top right reads: Who is the owner of this bomb? - the red shirt people?, the yellow shirt people?, the third party? or the government itself [?] Page 18 [referring to the bank bombings]

From Voice of Taksin, Author: World linked to Thailand, Author: Meng Sathorn, March 17, 2010
The headline reads: American hooligan with the political intervention
The quote at the left reads: With all the chaos that occurs inside Thailand, the big [country] like America does not do any thing to protect democracy and warns the dictatorial government of Mark [Abhisit]”
[The use of the word “American Hooligan” possibly refers to the well-known song criticizing America by Yuenyong Opakul, band leader of Carabao. The song criticized the U.S. which claims to be a big country that attempts to intervene other countries’ economies. In the wake of the April 2009 events, it has become clear that nations around the world prefer a gradual evolution in Thai politics instead of a suddenly change in favor of Thaksin. The article attacks the U.S. for not supporting the Red Shirts' movement and even alerting the present government to security concerns.] 

From Truth Today, March 12-15, 2010
The headline reads: 100 years of International Women’s Day - On the occasion of the 100 year [anniversary] of International Women’s Day

From Thai Freedom, March 2010
The words on the trash bin read: Our country will be clean, we must help sweep the rubbish


From: Red News, Column: Special with Dr. Thaksin, transcription from the Talk Around the World Program, Issue 9, 2010
The headline reads: There is no worse government than this one [The article includes Thaksin’s speech expressing condolence on the passing away of late Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and the negligence to properly persecute the PAD’s International Airport seizure.]

From Red News, Column: Special article by Assoc Prof. Prasit Piwawattanapanit from Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, Issue 9, 2010
The headline reads: The Government in Exile according to international law

From Thai Freedom, Column: Short Story, March, 2010
The headline reads: The golden age of the synthesized object - The confession of the surgical girl

From Tawan Daeng, March, 2010
The headline reads: Red Sun - being the light of wisdom and to be for the people
Next issue:
- What is the state’s absolute authority? [meaning what part of Thailand's government-- legislative, administrate and the judiciary--has ultimate authority]
- Why the Court of Justice surrenders to the person who holds the state’s authority? [meaning the Supreme Court ruled against Thaksin under pressure from aristocrats]
- When the sound of ruling power that belongs to the people turns aloud, the gun shooting sound disappears. [meaning the people’s power is loud and will win out over the shooting sound that represents dictatorial power]

From Sarn Rak Muang, March 10-15, 2010
The headline reads: February of Dictatorship or Democracy - The big... will stay [Meaning only the people who are the really influential can endure. This refers that after the February 26 court verdict on Thaksin's asset confiscation we see the beginning of political agitation and violence that only the biggest men can endure.]

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