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From Voice of Taksin, Easy reading story in the style of Jakra Poomisith [the name of column], February 15, 2010
The headline reads: The history of the anti-capitalist coup (10) - The appearance of Oliver Cromwell (leader of the anti-capitalism coup)
The appearance of the so-called ‘protector’ Cromwell is the beginning of the political history of the equality of men as referred to as democracy
[Interesting the Oliver Cromwell is referred to as "anti-capitalist."]

From Voice of Taksin, Column: World linked to Thailand, Author: Meng Sathorn, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: The Nuremberg case punishing the wicked judge
[The article attempts to explain that the lesson learned after the end of World War II was that the power of Nazism under the rule of Hitler was not eternal. "Wicked" judges who supported these elitists were severely punished. This is a reference and a threat to the supreme court judges who must make a ruling on Thaksin on February 26.]

From Voice of Taksin, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: Assassination in the world political history (part 1)
[More veiled threats.]

From Voice of Taksin, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: The lists of the judges to give the verdict in the case involving the seizure of 7.6 billion baht
From left to right are the judges' names: Thanit, Pairoj, Somsak, Prateep, Adisak, Riththep, Pithak
[The article is a list of the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of each judge. This comes after articles on Oliver Cromwell, punishing judges at the Nuremberg trials, and assassination. The Voice of Taksin continually sets new levels for provocativeness.]


From Voice of Taksin, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: Shooting the different generations with the bloody plan—seizing 7.6 billion—the sword is to return—the verdict of Nuremberg—punishing the evil court

Words on the yellow hand: The Army–Court–Democrats–NCCC [National Counter Corruption Commission]–NACC [National Anti Corruption Commission]

[After a brief switch to attacking the military, the focus of Red Shirt rhetoric has gone back to attacking Prem and the "aristocrats."]

From Voice of Taksin, back cover, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: Appreciated - In the next: A good home begins with father by Dr. Chanathip Sireepanyawong [Prem is referred to as Papa Prem and here is shown as the leader of a mafia gang],
Assassination by Nuttakorn Vithitanont,
Knowing 3G Technology by Chaiwar Trakarnratsanti

[The pictures on the front cover from left to right shows PM Abhisit, Sondhi Limthongkul, Privy Councilor President Gen Prem Tinasulanonda, Privy Councilor Gen Surayud Chullanont, Bhumjaithai de facto leader Newin Chidchob.]

From Voice of Taksin, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: The article explains the punishments of the Nuremberg trials for pro-Nazi judges. Some faced up to 5 years in jail. Some committed suicide due to their fear of punishment. [The Nuremberg trails are used as an example of judges who followed the "aristocracy." This is used as a threat to the present Supreme Count judges who must reach a verdict on the seizure of Thaksin's assets. This issue also has an article about assassination and includes the names and addresses of the Supreme Court judges.]

From Truth Today, February 16-18, 2010
The headline reads: The exhibition of asset robbery has already begun!

From Truth Today, February 16-18, 2010
The headline reads: The real character of Abhisit

From Truth Today, Column: Thai Roo Than, February 16-18, 2010
The headline reads: Don’t think about opposing the trend of changing

From Truth Today, Column: Mai Pen Khao, February 16-18, 2010
The headline reads: 1 country, 2 standards

From Truth Today, Column: Want to have something in mind, Author: Nuttawut Saikua, February 16-18, 2010
The headline reads: The war is not ending - able to count dead bodies of the aristocrats

[This article is about how the reputations of several Privy Councilors has already been destroyed by allegations of the Red Shirts. They mention Privy Councilor General Pichit Kullavanich and the case related to the public land encroachment and also the " fecal attack" at the PM's residence.]

From Truth Today, February 16-18, 2010
The headline reads: Bashing up the old judiciary and creating the new judiciary of the people

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Kom Kwan Kid, Author: Jit Pollachan, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: Plan for the bloody scene - shooting the different generation
[This refers to the book by Nutthawut Saikua titled Boxing with the Different (older/senior) Generation. The cover shows Nutthawut wearing boxing gloves and implores people to fight against formerly revered figures in society. This is interesting as it mirrors the period of history between 1973 and 1976 where young people--particularly students--rebelled against teachers and other authority figures in an attempt to change ingrained Thai reverence for age and status.]
The quote on the article reads: The truth is that [if it is] a massacre or a sole murder, some old mentally ill man [referring to Gen. Prem] has thought [about it/planned it] for long time and Jit [the author] has heard of stories from the inside source [figure close the to Privy Council] who supports morality. I can see the whole pieces of the jigsaw--so clear that I can explain the "murder plan" in sequence.
[The article alleges a "murder plan" is prepared to use against Red Shirt people and Pro-Thaksin supporters if they protest during the supreme court verdict on Thaksin's assets. The government has denied this.]

From Voice of Taksin, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: When the state relies on the illegal power, how do the people live?
[The article claims state authorities are violent suppressing protest.]

From Thai Red News, February 26-March 4, 2010
The headline reads: Seizing 76,000 million - Justice, hidden by aristocrats
The white words at the bottom read: This house loves HM King, values democracy highly, opposes every form of dictatorship

From Thai Red News, February 12-18, 2010
The headline reads: The force of the red people - toppling down the aristocrats

[The photo bottom right shows Maj. Gen. Kattiya, who, at the time of this magazine earlier in February was being pushed forward to voice militant threats against the government. As it became clear the pro-Thaksin groups could neither organize a large protest nor an accompanying censure debate, Kattiya's exaggerated rhetoric became an embarrassment and his involvement with the movement has been downplayed.]

From Thai Red News, Column: Meeting the editor, Author: Wibul Chaemchuen, February 12-18, 2010
The headline reads: Democracy with the constitution

From Thai Red News, February 12-18, 2010
The headline reads: Why does the Democrat’s war room [tell] daily lies
[This refers to the very effective management of the media message by the Democrats in recent weeks which has had the Red Shirts often responding to government claims about Red Shirt intentions.]


From Red News, February, 2010
Photos of Red Shirt members walking on photos of Privy Councilor Surayud and PAD leader Sondhi

From Red News, February, 2010
Photos of a football match with players wearing shirts featuring Thaksin

Top left to right: UDD core leader Veera Musikapong, Pheu Thai MP Jatuporn Prompan, Doctor Weng Tojirakarn
Bottom left to right: Chinnawat Haboonpart, UDD supporter and Anusorn Aiemsa-ard, PTV reporter

From Voice of Taksin, February 15, 2010
The picture shows Alphonse Marie Louis de Lamartine, the French writer, poet and politician.
[Lamartine was a writer and politician from revolutionary-era France. Red Shirt publications often feature articles about historical revolutions against monarchies.]

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Khemthid (compass) Author: Charan Dittha-apichai, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: The Bloody Revolution in France 1848, part 2
The quote reads: Everywhere in Paris was painted in red. Paris people wear red hats, red scarves, red shirts, red belts, even on the windows and roofs, houses were decorated with red cloth. The Henri IV Monument was painted on some spots with the red color. It was said that the red color is the color of the blood of the people and the burning flame.

From Voice of Taksin, February 15, 2010
The headline reads: The background of the 7.6 billion assets: "The truth that Thais should know"
The quote reads: [They] Do not understand that the anti-national corruption bill from 1999 that the Asset Scrutiny Committee (ASC) refers to is for freezing the assets of non-state officials who do not hold political positions.

From Thai Red News, February 19-25, 2010
The headline reads: February 26, 2010—The survival path of the Thai nation
[This mirrors Thaksin's phone-in comments from recent days--that if his assets are confiscated, all sides in the political struggle will end up being destroyed.]

From Truth Today, February 26-March 1, 2010
The headline reads: Revealing! - 200 on blacklists—singled out by the ‘aristocrat’?—both monks and laymen
In memory of Dr. Boonsanong Boonyotayarn, a democratic academician and socialist
[Refers to the alleged government blacklist of people to be closely monitored.]

From Truth Today, Column: Want to have something in mind, Author: Nuttawut Saikua, February 19-22, 2010
The headline reads: The Statesman avoiding taxes
[The Statesman refers to Privy Councilor Prem. The pictures show the Privy Council President General Prem Tinasulanonda and Kanlayanee Phanchet, M.M.C. Sitipol (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation) Chairperson. Kanlayanee is claimed to be a "capitalist" who pays Gen. Prem as an advisor to the M.M.C. Sitipol Co., Ltd. The payment to Prem is alleged to be through a donation to a temple to avoid taxes according to the red shirt leader Nuttawut Saikua. Kanlayanee is said to be a member of the "G11" or Group 11--an influential group of tycoons holding financial and social power in Thailand.]

From Thai Freedom, Column: Tracking good stories, February 5-19, 2010
The headline reads: Thailand Riviera - The world tourism strategy that makes us think of him! [Thaksin]
[The Thailand Riviera project was to promote tourism and originated in the government of Thaksin Shinawatra.]

From Truth Today, February 5-19, 2010
The headline reads: Revealing! The secret document - Laundering merits - Laundering money - The cesspool of money of the aristocrats [This refers to more claims of irregular lands ownership among Privy Council members.]
At the upper right corner: The aristocrats order to suppress to the people, page 9

From Thai Freedom, February 5-19, 2010
The headline reads: The movement inside the fence of the royal armed forces - M79 explanation from the gun barrel to the caterpillar tractor
[This refers to Red Shirt denials of launching grenades near government house on February 13, 2010 and claiming it is a plot of the military.]

From Thai Red News, February 19-25, 2010
The headline reads: Beware of the fact… [about] aristocrats
[The cartoon shows Privy Councilors Gen. Prem Tinasulanonda and Gen. Surayud Chullanont assault a man with a swastika and a cleaver labeled "power." The man is holding a democracy flag]
At top right: Reading the book by ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra giving ideas to fight poverty with a liberal economic system and democratic ruling as the key tools, read page 4

From Thai Freedom (special issue), February 5-19, 2010
The main headline reads: The betraying angel [This refers to a handsome person, who is really a demon. Here they are referring to PM Abhisit.]

From Thai Freedom, Column: Det Dorkmai Satuan Tung Duangdao (Picking flowers causing the star to shake), February 5-19, 2010
The headline reads: CCTV and the insincerity of the Interior Ministry

[The article is mainly about the problems in the Deep South and lack of effectiveness of officials in solving the problems.
The CCTV camera project was launched in the year 2004 as part of the policy to improve security in the Deep South. The CCTV purchase project is under the supervision of the Interior Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Office. The project’s value is 969 million baht. Ironically, the project delay and alleged corruption occurred during the governments of Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat and Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej.

From Thai Freedom, Column: Intelligent, Author: Gen. Chavalit, February 5-19, 2010
The headline reads: Cowboy Party - The diplomatic approach in Chavalit’s style - Clinking glasses for the survival of the nation
[The article criticized Thailand’s diplomatic relations with neighboring countries under the supervision of Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya and claims only Gen. Chavalit's efforts are improving relations with neighboring nations.]

From Thai Freedom, February 5-19, 2010
The words on the graphic reads: The second time, Myeik [Merguii], Tavoy, Tanaosi, lost to Burma - [this is a poem] 2nd time - The second time losing is still being remembered, - Losing Myeik [Merguii], Tavoy, Tanaosi, - the year 1793 not in good fortune - the total losing land of more than 20 thousand square miles
The headline reads: Myeik [Merguii], Tavoy, Tanaosi: who is the owner of this land - The truth of the land loss with the great loss of face! [losing pride/honor]
[The poem is from a short video, available on YouTube, showing the historical loss of territory Thailand has suffered over the last 200 years. The article laments loss of land and blames the aristocratic governments for poor relations with its neighbors.]

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