Red Protests – May 20-21, 2010

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A walk thru inner Bangkok, the day after - Facebook, May 20, 2010

Bangkok burns - Flickr, May, 2010

Experts: Bangkok crackdown no replay of Tiananmen - Boston Globe, May 21, 2010
..."The mouthpieces of the Chinese Central Propaganda Department can point to democracy in Taiwan and democracy in Thailand as cautionary tales," Li said. "They can say: 'You think democracy is good, well have a look at Thailand, see what kind of trouble they've got there?'"

A polity imploding - The Economist, May 20, 2010

The battle of Bangkok - An all-out massacre in the capital has been avoided, but Thailand is not beyond the risk of civil war - The Economist, May 20, 2010

Phuket villas go empty as Bangkok riots scare away tourists - Bloomberg,
May 20, 2010

A member of the Thai travel industry speaks out - Thaksin is in the same league as Bin Laden and responsible for the Terror attacks in Thailand - eTN, May 20, 2010
eTN Received this letter from a known member of the Thai travel industry. eTN respects not to disclose the identity of this long time eTN reader.
Thaksin is responsible for the horrible things that happened lately in Thailand.
He is in the same league as Bin Laden – Thaksin’s behind the scenes financing of the terror attacks should be punished the same way as Bin Laden would be punished...

The revolt of Chiang Mai's Phrai - The Irrawaddy, May 20, 2010
...A company of armed soldiers and police massed about 100 meters away did nothing to prevent a handful of hardcore protesters from setting fire to the second truck more than 40 minutes after they had burned the first.
“It’s certain they [the soldiers and police] were ordered not to interfere,” said Homnuan Rattanawunna, a local writer who would only give her pseudonym.
“There is so much corruption here [Chiang Mai]. Aside from whatever political advantage they might get, someone will get a commission when the fire trucks are replaced,” she said, adding that most of the city was under the control of the Redshirts.
“Some people in the village I come from work for a Chiang Mai-based company—I can’t give you details because if I do the people could lose their jobs or worse. Its owner is a prominent Redshirt supporter.
“They [the workers] don’t even get the minimum wage, but they dare not complain...

Exchange students, ex-Pittsburghers abroad fear unknowns over Thai uprisings - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 20, 2010

France tries to gag Thaksin on Thai crisis - AFP, May 20, 2010
France said Thursday it would try to prevent former Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra from speaking out on the political crisis in his homeland while he is on its territory.
"Given the violence in Thailand ... we have told Mr Thaksin, who is on a strictly private visit to France, that he should abstain from any public appearance or statement on our territory," a foreign ministry spokesman said...

France is looking for Thaksin... who was seen in Paris - RFI, May 20, 2010
...The Quai d'Orsay is looking for the former Thai prime minister in order to make sure he does not make any public statements on french soil...

Poverty bomb explodes in Thailand -, May, 2010
[Thanks to Marc for pointing this out.]

In a Bangkok Buddhist temple, the groans of the wounded shot seeking sanctuary - Globe and Mail, May 19-20, 2010

Thailand: challenging the "heroic revolution" archetype - ABC, May 20, 2010

The Philippines - Bangkok ablaze: It could’ve been us - Inquirer, May 20, 2010

Red Shirt leaders surrender -, May 20, 2010
Collection of videos showing how news of the crackdown was reported internationally.

(Source: Channel 3 screen grab)

Channel 3 still off the air - May 20, 2010
Channel 3 remains off the air today after Red Shirts rioted in the Channel 3 building yesterday. The words under logo read: Channel 3 Thailand - Color TV, channel 3

Calls for Australia to take regional lead in Thai crisis - ABC, May 20, 2010
...What they actually should do is call a fresh election to lance the boil in Thailand. And of course the government there have been very reluctant to call a fresh election and we all know why they've been reluctant to call a fresh election because they think they'll lose it. They think that again what you might call ordinary working people and small holding farmers in Thailand want to vote for the sort of Thaksin movement, which is extremely popular there. And for as long as they're effectively in practice they're disenfranchised the tension is simply just going to remain I'm afraid...

Thailand's bitter divisions widened by bloodshed - The Australian, May 20, 2010
[One of the all-time best articles from the international press correctly explaining everything from the background for action on all sides to the reasons the monarchy could not intervene.
Contrast this with this ridiculous Brisbane Times article written by someone who opened a copy of Chronicle of Thailand, copied out the quote from the 1992 chapter and then ruminated about the subject without any background knowledge or understanding.]

From Khaosod, May 20, 2010

The headline reads: 9 dead - Reportedly died in escape to Pathumwanaram Temple
Victims from clashes in Ratchaprasong - Death toll reaches 15 - Core leaders submit themselves to end rally - Curfew announcement in Bangkok - Ruinous burning at Central World - 10 more Bangkok Bank branches torched - Sorayud of Channel 3 escaped [famous Channel 3 news analyst]
Senators blame Mark’s [PM Abhisit's] dishonesty in suppressing the UDD mob
On the banner across the very top: Events of the rally dispersal clashes - pages 4,12,16 / guide to duck noodle in pot [restaurants] at Bangyai - page21

From Komchadluek, May 20-21, 2010

The headline reads: Curfew ends dark age - City torched!
Red leaders end rally - Red mass angrily rose - Tragic clashes - Channel 3 [personnel] escapes frantically
Leaders submitted themselves into police - Kir [Arisman Pongruangrong] fled, but arrested
CRES urges people to inform related information [tell CRES if they have any info on the whereabouts of the Red leaders]
Revealing behind the scenes issues, page 16”
Ending of UDD [closing the curtain], the 2nd round

(Source: Channel 7 screen grab)

CRES on TV - 16:11, May 20, 2010
The CRES is on TV now, documenting in detail the weapons, ammo, pipe bombs, molotov cocktails, rigged gas canisters, etc. seized from Red Shirt rioters.

(Source: Channel 7 screen grab)

(Source: Channel 7 screen grab)

Also: Red Protests 2010 main page

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