Red Protests – May 16-18, 2010

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The Long Winding Red Road to Ratchaprasong and Thailand’s Future -, May 17, 2010

Millions found in aides' accounts - The Nation, May 18, 2010
Authorities will shortly ask two close aides of Pojaman na Pombejra, ex-wife of Thaksin Shinawatra, to substantiate their recent cash withdrawals of Bt600 million and Bt800 million.
...The money was taken out of bank accounts in cash and left the banks in several vehicles...

The shame of the UDD - Bangkok Post, May 18, 2010

Thailand's 'Black May': 1992 vs. 2010 - Roubini, May 18, 2010

CNN: Living in chaos - May 18, 2010

Outside Bangkok, life goes on - CNN, May 18, 2010

Last best hope - Newsweek, May 18, 2010
Former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra was thought to be a populist demagogue. Actually, he was the high-water mark for Thai democracy...

Gen Chavalit and Jutuporn added to CRES blacklist - TAN, May 18, 2010
[This is key news--first calling General Chavalit a terrorist and now freezing his assets. This represents a extraordinary public rupture from Chavalit who is a widely respected and feared figure for a number of reasons.]

"FreakingCat", reporting from the barricades journalists steer clear of - France24, May 18, 2010
[Many of the most interesting and telling images of the unrest have been shot by FreakingCat.]

Time reporter looks into claims of red-shirts using women and children as shields - TAN, May 18, 2010

12 yr old allegedly responsible for Din Daeng fire - TAN, May 18, 2010
...During questioning, the boy admitted that the wandered into the rally by mistake, but stayed because he enjoyed the free food and activities. He claimed that setting fire to the building made him feel like a man.

War correspondent in Bangkok - Facebook, May 18, 2010
[Thanks to I Prahin for pointing this out.]

Female reporter attacked by angry protesters - The Nation, May 18, 2010

CRES: Picture showing soldier shot in head taken from southern violence - TAN, May 18, 2010

Thailand protests echo those of 1992 - Time, May 17, 2010
...Yet while the conflict is often portrayed as a battle between the elite and the poor, it is in fact a battle between two elites with different constituencies. The Red Shirt leaders are an entrenched political and business elite largely subservient to Thaksin.
...Thaksin's elite is in conflict with members of a rival political and business elite, some of whom have closer ties to the palace, and many of whom have lined up behind Abhisit, who was elected in 2008, and his Democrat Party. Unlike the Prime Minister's experience in 1992, Abhisit's party did not win a majority of seats in parliament. Protesters believe those backing Abhisit have manipulated the political process, making it possible for him to become Prime Minister. They are demanding that Thaksin be allowed to return to Thailand with amnesty...

Protests turn deadly in Thailand -, May 17, 2010
[Another amazing collection of large size photos from]

Thai leaders planned this crackdown - The Guardian, May 17, 2010
[Interesting article that purposely tries to mischaracterize the situation.]
...The offer from the government was meant to be a show of force. It was a strategic step taken in advance to justify a well-planned massacre...

(Source: Channel 3 screen grab)

More government explanations - May 17, 2010
For the second night in a row, considerable time was spent on Thai TV to demonstrate the violence caused by militant Red Shirts.
Samsern from the CRES also appeared again and showed various video clips including the human shield baby.

(Source: Channel 3 screen grab)

(Source: Channel 3 screen grab)

(Source: Channel 3 screen grab)

(Source: Channel 3 screen grab)

Terror in Thailand - Life, May 17, 2010

CNN: Living in chaos
- May 18, 2010
Thailand's troubles finally make it to CNN's much-ridiculed "magic wall" which in this case is used to illustrate the location of various "ireporters."
One video featured prominently (below) shows the much talked about human-shield baby being held above a Red Shirt tire barricade.
It was also mentioned that the CNNireport site was at one point blocked by the Thai government, but later unblocked. Errol Barnett (above) noted that this "reminds us of Iran" which also actively blocks political content the government does not like.

Also: The Open Letter to CNN International on Facebook criticizing Dan Rivers and Sarah Snider's parachute journalism.

Red leaders all miscalculated and are losing - Bangkok Post, May 17, 2010
...If only they had agreed to disperse the protest after Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban reported to the Department of Special Investigation last week, they would have emerged as the winner of the political standoff. The leaders could have told the demonstrators that they successfully forced the prime minister to call an early poll...

Seat on Human Rights Council a saving grace for Thailand - The Irrawaddy, May 17, 2010

Thai tyrants cling to power on top of the dead bodies of the people - Socialist Worker, May 17, 2010
[Giles does not like anything--not even the UN. Considering all the thoughtful writing being done about Thailand at this critical time, it is disappointing that a once prominent social critic has nothing at all to contribute to the debate except these rants.]

(Source: Channel 3 screen grab)

Protesters attempt to blow up oil tanker at Bon Kai clashing site - The Nation, May 17, 2010

Tweeted photo: Thaksin shops in Paris - May 17, 2010

Manipulator wants deaths: CRES - Bangkok Post, May 17 ,2010
..."From intelligence reports, the goal of these terrorists and their manipulator is to see the highest possible losses of lives. They have hired foreign lawyers and brought them into the country so that they can see the damage they have caused with an intention to file lawsuits with international organisations abroad and to put blame on the present administration," Mr Sathit said...

Poor Thai ‘red shirts’ victims of the New World Order - powerpointparadise, April 11, 2010
[We are not sure if this article is intended as a joke. It may be that the whole site is a send up of conspiracy theorists.]

(Source: Channel 7 screen grab)

Government warning - May 17, 2010
The government warning for people to leave the protests site by 3 pm has been replayed hourly today along with some English-language captions summarizing the points.

Animated fire - May 17, 2010

TPBS had an explanation of the events around the Din Daeng area which included an overhead shot of the area and a massive animated fire at the intersection.

(Source: TPBS 7 screen grab)


(Source: Channel 11 screen grab)

Trying to explain - May 17, 2010
Thai TV has been spending large amounts of time showing images and clips of rioting people and the damage they cause. Above is a shot of multiple wounded soldiers. Below is a shot of protesters turning over a vehicle.
At bottom is the attempt to explain that troops are only shooting people in the legs. In the clip a protester tries to open the gas cap on a truck. He is then shot in the feet or legs and hops quickly away.

(Source: Channel 11 screen grab)

(Source: Channel 11 screen grab)

From Khaosod, Cartoon Yamyai [Mixed salad], May 16, 2010
The words above the soldiers and the man (probably Abhisit): Thailand today
The word on man in the brown suit: Human rights

From Komchadluek, May 16, 2010
The headline reads: Mark [nickname of PM Abhisit] roughly insists to continue operation - Reds clash with soldiers at boiling point - Death toll reaches 24 with many injuries - M79 attack severely destroys police station - Seh Daeng’s condition is stable
Words across the very top: Series of [clash] events - Soldier clashes with red shirts at boiling point! Bangkok in Dark Age, page 2

From Khaosod, May 16, 2010
The headline reads: Bangkok ruined - 24 dead already

Seh Daeng pronounced dead at 9:20 am - The Nation, May 17, 2010

Earlier: Colonel Romklao's revenge - May 14, 2010

Earlier: Sae Daeng threats - February 16, 2010
Maj. Gen. Khattiya's (Sae Daeng) threats against the Prime Minster's family and the cabinet have caused even Thaksin's lawyer to speak up.
From the Post: ...Mr Noppadon also said he would like to say on behalf of Thaksin that army specialist Maj-Gen Khattiya Sawasdipol should not use the former prime minister's name in conducting his activities, because this could cause misunderstanding and send out wrong signals...

Earlier: From Voice of Taksin, February, 2010
The headline reads: Clue of M79 - From Prem to Pok [Anupong]
[The images show Maj. Gen. Khattiya Sawasdipol ("Seh Daeng," left) shooting a grenade at Commander-in-Chief Anupong Paojinda (right). Here it is implied that top figures are under threat of assassination for crossing Thaksin.
The military has never tolerated this sort of open provocation in the past. Their restraint, compared to their actions in the past, is quite extraordinary and points to their adherence to a longer-term goal of waiting out and diminishing the Thaksin threat instead of aggravating it.]


Violence reduces central Bangkok to a 21st-century Sarajevo - Times Online, May 17, 2010
[This is an article with zero insight or understanding of the situation, but it paints a scary and dramatic picture.]

Australians urged to flee Bangkok battleground - ABC Online, May 17, 2010

Anti-Dan Rivers page on Facebook
[We did not think the coverage was that bad especially considering it was CNN.]

(Source: Channel 7 screen grab)

Government explanations - May 16, 2010
At least every other hour today the government has interrupted regular programming with messages and explanations about their plans and what they are doing.
At about 20:30 Samsern from the CRES appeared on TV to refute specific photos and conclusions being circulated on the net and via social media about army snipers and various weapons seen on the streets.
Above he demonstrates a tear gas launcher while emphasizing it is not for launching M79 grenades. Below is one of the examples of photos being circulated on the net that Samsern is attempting to explain.

(Source: Channel 7 screen grab)

BANGKOK DANGEROUS: DAY III - Timeline of Bangkok chaos - The Nation, May 16, 2010

Put an end to this rebellion - Bangkok Post, May 16, 2010
...The goals of the UDD from the very start: They wanted a House dissolution. They will have one in September. They wanted a general election. They will have one on Nov 14. All within seven months and PM Abhisit Vejjajiva's term actually ends in January 2012, a year and a half from now.
They should be dancing in the streets, celebrating victory. Then we can all go to the voting booth in November. Peace and democracy. But no.
The truth has revealed itself. The United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship is simply using democracy as a front in the interests of dictatorship.
Refusing the peaceful compromise, forsaking the democratic process, continuing to harm the country for the interests of one man, Thaksin Shinawatra, fighting against security forces of the rightful democratic government of Thailand--that's an uprising, it's a rebellion...

Nation TV reports Reds trying to storm Century Park Hotel to search for troops - 19:00, May 16, 2010

'Scared' Bangkok resident talks about being evacuated - BBC News, May 16, 2010
An Australian woman living and working in Bangkok has told the BBC that she is being evacuated from her home, which she describes as being in the 'red zone'...

Journalist 'out of danger' and recovering in hospital - Globe and Mail, May, 2010
...Mr. McEwen said it seems bizarre that Mr. Rand, who has been in combat situations several times, and has spent months in the jungles of Southeast Asia with groups of rebels, would end up being shot on the streets of downtown Bangkok...

Tweeted photos
"Live firing zone" sign - Monks with the Red Shirts

Never think of, never dream about it! - From Daily News, Cartoon by Khwad Column, Khaprajam Wanarthit ["Normal Sunday Member"], May 16, 2010
The title reads: Never think of, never dream about it! [meaning the incidents below are hard to believe could come to pass]

Top right: That we are living in the country having ala of Siam, the land of smiles!

Middle left: That some Thais who think different can change this much!
The words coming from the TV: Report on losses
The is saying: Satisfied

Middle center: That this is the same man!
At left PM Abhisit holds Democracy Monument and the caption says: When being in the opposition party
At right Abhisit is hiding in a military boot and the caption says: When being in government
He is holding a sword with the word "decree" next to it.

Lower middle left: That we see the roles of human rights and press organizations [the cartoon shows these organizations supporting the PM]

Lower middle right: That holding tight to the chair [holding on to one's position] will aggravate the situation! [a line of coffins is next to the PM in a chair]

Bottom: That events will not end after dissolving parliament... so the government ends up with solution like this [the cartoon shows soldiers attacking the protesters]

Earlier: More cartoons here

Thai forces use 'brute force' - Straits Times, May 16, 2010
Thai authorities have chosen 'brute force' over conventional crowd control tactics to contain protests, but may be wary of launching a major crackdown for fear of igniting wider unrest, experts said...

Bangkok descends from bustling metropolis to war zone - Reuters, May 16, 2010

Major figures leaving the country? - May 16, 2010
Rumors are legion that major political figures have fled the country: Banharn, Chavalit and Potjaman (Thaksin's ex-wife) have reportedly left for Hong Kong and Singapore. This has come to be known as a signal that real trouble is expected (or planned). Before the April 2009 Red Shirt rioting, pro-Thaksin people also made sure they were outside the country.
This time it likely revolves around how far the military feels it needs to go to restore order and preserve the present system. After the shooting of Seh Daeng it suddenly became clear to many higher ups that the military was finally roused and could be a direct danger if they decided to eliminate vast swaths of political figures judged unsympathetic to the royal system at this delicate time.

Update: Shinawatra family leaves Thailand - Bangkok Post, May 16, 2010

2Bangkok presents: Red Shirt tire fires from the expressway - YouTube, May 16, 2010

How to keep the protesters in place? - May 16, 2010
TPBS last night reported that Jatuporn was having word spread among the Red Shirt crowd that they should not leave and should not be concerned. This is because the Red Shirts found out that there are 6000 army troops from the United States waiting on a ship at sea. These troops were ready to march in to help the Red Shirts if the government attacks. This is because the U.S. government has accepted that Thailand is no longer fair and has to intervene.

Inside the Red city - Bangkok Post, May 16, 2010
...This was a constant mystery during the occupation - how were the red shirts able to move goods, machinery, food and other items so freely under the noses of both the police and military?
Here are some examples: After a threat by the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) to disconnect the electricity supply to the Ratchaprasong area at midnight on May 12, the red shirts brought in more generators, transported to the area by large trucks equipped with a crane...

Reds to ask for help from HM the King - Bangkok Post, May 16, 2010


Sunday morning tire fires in Bangkok - 11:30, May 16, 2010

Above: Red Shirt tire fires just before the Din Daeng intersection.

Below: Burning tires in front of Lumpini Tower, a front line between troops near Sathorn Road and the Reds towards the expressway.

Also: Live images of the Din Daeng area from the 2Bangkok cam - May 16, 2010

(Photo: I Prahin)

Right: Smoke hanging over Bangkok
(Photo: Don)

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