Prem, Prem, Prem

From Thai Red News, Column: I am Thai, my heart is red, Author: Thanachot Wongjanchompoo, October 23-29, 2009
The headline reads: Who is the betrayer of the nation?


From Voice of Taksin, December, 2009 - Photoshopped image showing Privy Councilor Prem riding a buffalo with the eyes of Prime Minster Aphisit

Prem, Prem, Prem - November 3, 2009
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Remember the days when it was claimed that the political turmoil by Thaksin had nothing to do with Prem? Here is a selection of attacks on Prem--most from the latter part of October 2009 when red publications started focusing heavily on him.

Red News, Column: Cyber Warrior Author: Thai farmers’ son, November, 2009

The headline reads: Prem - A cause  of conflicts, [he] should sacrifice to the nation and the monarchy by resigning

From Thai Red News, October 23-29, 2009
At the top: Return power to the people to compensate HM King’s benevolence and the land. Dissolve parliament!
Special column: Assoc Prof. Dr. Pichit - Reform Democracy
Main headline: Great aristocrat brokenly resists against Jew’s entering into Pheu Thai [The "great aristocrat" is Prem who was said to have warned Chavalit, whose nickname is Big Jew, about joining Pheu Thai and causing more conflict.]

From Truth Today, October 27-29, 2009
The headline reads: The misstep of Prem, the aristocrat

From Truth Today, Column: Thais know [the game], October 27-29, 2009
The headline reads: Who is the true betrayer of the nation [Again referring to Prem's alleged comment to Chavalit to be careful about joining Pheu Thai.]

From Truth Today, Column: Break through the top boot, Author: Kaen Morrakot, October 20-22, 2009
The headline reads: Prem fights despite acknowledging the loss

From Truth Today, Column: Red Station, Author: Jatuporn Prompan, October 20-22, 2009
The headline reads: Prem is not the nation

From Truth Today, Column: Moon Wien Plien Tid, Author: Viphuthalaeng Pattanapoomthai, October 20-22, 2009
The headline reads: Gen Prem Tinasulanonda, the biased man

From Truth Today, October 20-22, 2009
The headline reads: Raging clash - aristocrat and democracy

[Along with Prem is a photo of occasional Red Shirt supporter Chavalit Yongjiyut, former Prime Minister and former commander in chief of the army.]
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