Red Shirt Protests – March 27-April 9, 2009

Red Shirt protest main page - March-April 2009

An assassination of a privy councilor - translated and summarized from Daily News; April 9, 2009

The Red-shirt mob has no righteousness - translated and summarized from Naew Na; Column: April 9, 2009

(Photo: Misma)

Thaksin's revenge - April 9, 2009

(Photo: Graham)

Protesters in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 13:00, April 9, 2009
The lone monk in the above photo is holding a sign that reads "Democracy" in both Thai and English.

(Photo: Graham)

(Source: NBT)

(Source: DTV)

On TV - 19:57, April 9, 2009
Left: NBT is frequently showing a story on a baby with a broken arm who is unable to get to the hospital because of the Red Shirt rally.
Right: Former PM Somchai speaks on DTV--perhaps to counter the publicity that Thaksin family members have fled the country.

Marching to NBT - 19:28, April 9, 2009
From a Red Shirt press release: Some of the (people) will march from Victory Monument to NBT. The activities on stage remain the same tonight. Former PM Somchai is at the government house ready to give a speech on stage.

Thaksin phone-in - 17:57, April 9, 2009
From a Red Shirt press release: Thaksin will call in tonight at 8pm...

Rama 8 Bridge blocked -17:39, April 9, 2009
Thai TV Channel 11 reports that Rama 8 Bridge is blocked by Red Shirts.
UPDATE: 18:23, April 9, 2009 - Channel 11 is showing traffic camera footage showing the Rama 8 Bridge is, in fact, open.

Democracy Monument blocked -17:15, April 9, 2009
Thai TV Channel 11 is showing footage from traffic cameras showing the Red Shirts have also blocked Ratchadamneorn around Democracy Monument.

ThaiRath, April 9, 2009

The red shirts force to resign--within 24 hours--3 influential royal advisor

Arrested Sae [chief of military staff] Pek – Accused of hiring to kill ‘Charnchai’ [a Privy Councilor]

Pojaman and her children go abroad

Krungthep Turakit, April 9, 2009

Bank of Thailand warns that conflicted politics will drag GDP

About 100,000 red shirts to force ‘Prem’ to resign

‘Thaksin’ asks the red shirts to gather for 3 days

Matichon, April 9, 2009

The red-shirt rally crowded - ‘Maew’ seen as arrogant – Don’t go back empty handed [One of Thaksin's first phone-ins exhorted the Red Shirts not to leave Bangkok empty-handed.]

Arrested ‘Captain Jakkrit’ – Hiring an assassin to kill a Privy Councilor.

Key man ‘Hard Core’ – Mind! The red shirts put an end to the government

Refuse to dissolve the House as per the Red Shirt’s threat ‘Apisit’ insists!

Taxi drivers block roads at Victory Monument - The Nation, April 9, 2009
Some 20 taxi drivers used their cars to block two roads at the Victory Monument at noon Thursday to pressure the government to resign.
They started blocking the inbound Rajvithi Road in front of the Center One shopping mall at 12:30 pm and later on blocked the inbound Phayathai Road.
The members of the Taxi Community Radio Club said if the government refused to resign by 4 pm, they would use 20,000 taxis to block all roads in Bangkok.

Red Shirt press release
- 13:00, April 9, 2009
It reads: Groups of people at their own wills are gathering in several places in Bangkok--groups of taxis at Victory Monument, others at MFA [Ministry of Foreign Affairs], Democrat Party HQ, Constitutional Court. At 4pm is the deadline due of 24 hours given for Prem, PM, Surayuth to step down. The UDD leader shall announce the decision of further actions then.

Red-faced police let red shirt go - Bangkok Post, April 8, 2009
...In a farcical twist, protester Wanchalerm Kulsen, 22, who allegedly smashed the back window of the SUV carrying Mr Abhisit, escaped from Pattaya City police station shortly after being arrested.
A police source said Mr Wanchalerm escaped after he asked to go outside for a cigarette. He did not return...

(Source: DTV)

On DTV - April 8, 2009

Above and below: Views of the Red Shirt crowds downtown

(Source: DTV)

(Source: DTV)
Left: A reporter describing other areas in Bangkok where protest has broken out and the meaning of "Thailand Needs Change" in Thai.
Right and below: Also being shown periodically are old student protest songs set against scenes of the 1973 student uprising

(Source: DTV)

(Source: DTV)

(Source: DTV)

(Source: DTV)
Left: Part of a montage of scenes of foreigners in the crowd who are claimed to be supporting the return of Thaksin and democracy

(Photo: Graham)

Red shirts on Sathorn Road - April 7, 2009

(Photo: Graham)

Downtown - April 8, 2009
From a Red Shirt press release: The gathering tomorrow is starting at 10 am. The march should take place in the afternoon...

Right here, right now: Thaksin speaking to the crowd
- 20:11, April 7, 2009

Right and below: Thaksin beams as the crowd applauds him.

(Source: DTV)

(Source: DTV)

Looking the source of Red-Shirt power – paying Bt1,000 per person from 26 provinces – followers of Wat Chan Bin will make a move before April 8 - translated and summarized from ASTV Manager Daily; April 7, 2009

Government weak: The reason Thaksin gets stronger - translated and summarized from ASTV Manager Daily; Author; Samart Mangsang; April 7, 2009

(HK for

Newsweekly covers - April, 2009

Left: Matichon Weekly with a photo of Privy Council President Prem Tinnasulanonda. The caption reads: I am not involved.
This refers to the Thaksin accusation that Prem was behind the coup three years ago.

Right: The Nation Weekend magazine with the picture of M.L. Piya Malakul Na Ayuthaya. The caption reads: Piya’s vow - the real powerful figure
This also refers to the Thaksin accusation that powerful figures met at M.L. Piya Malakul Na Ayuthaya's house to discuss a coup.

At the Red Shirt rally - April 3, 2009

Thailand’s way out – Justice must be chosen - translated and summarized from Thai Post; Column: Editorial; April 6, 2009

Red shirts claim crackdown imminent - 09:11am, March 30, 2009

The red shirts crowds have been insisting a police raid is imminent and residents should join the demonstration to protect the stage.

Also: Police threaten to break up rally - The Nation, March 30, 2009

Right: Police or soldiers resting under a row of trees at Government House

(Source: DTV)

(Source: DTV)

Left: The camera scanning the Government House grounds on the lookout for the crackdown

It is also difficult, from the DTV camera work, to determine how many protesters there really are around the main stage... perhaps a few hundred or a thousand?

Photos from the Red Shirt protest - March 26, 2009

"Thailand is a joke" - 21:14, March 27, 2009

Thaksin is speaking to the Red Shirt crowd in his earnest, high-pitched, under-stress voice.

Also: Thaksin called for Prem and Surayud to stop interfering in politics - The Nation, March 27, 2009

(Source: DTV)
Thaksin calling to the red-shirt crowd - 20:10, March 26, 2009

There was a brief statement from Thaksin. The promised naming of those behind the 2006 coup will be postponed to a Thaksin call-in on Friday night (March 27).

Also: Thaksin claims he knew how to bail out country from economic crisis - The Nation, March 26, 2009

(Source: DTV)

Weekly news magazine covers - week of March 27, 2009

Matichon - The Dictator?

[The photo is of Privy Councilor and former Prime Minister Surayuth Chulanont--accused by Thaksin of being behind the 2006 coup.]

The Nation - The scheme to topple the aristocrats?

[Refers to the aims of the red shirts to end the aristocracy and bring "true democracy." This was basically confirmed directly during Thaksin's phone-ins to the red shirt crowds after the magazine came out.]

The Songkran Festival fairy riding the tiger - by Arun, Krungthepturakit, March 25, 2009
The drawing shows the Songkran Festival fairy for 2009 represented by Democrat PM Abhisit Vejjajiva. The flag says “Songkran Festival 2009” and his bullhorn reads “loans.” Thaksin is represented as a tiger Abhisit is riding.
At the bottom right the caption reads "This is really the truth."

Red Shirt protest main page - March-April 2009

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