Red Shirt Protests – April 10-11, 2009

Red Shirt protest main page - March-April 2009

(Source: DTV)

Above: April 11 - DTV has added a graphic of the King to their broadcast
April 12 - DTV is no longer using the graphic

15:00, April 11 - Jakrapob Penkair on DTV
Jakrapob Penkair is speaking in English on DTV now to address the international community. He explains that the Red Shirts were ambushed and injured while trying to enter the summit hotel and two taxi drivers were shot. The Red Shirt moved into the hotel to escape attacks from people throwing rocks and to put pressure on the government. The message they wanted to tell the Asean leaders was that the Red Shirts were being attacked in their peaceful protest. He further says that the Red Shirts gatherings will continue past Songkran and will not end until the PM and Privy Councilors will resign as the Thai people are fed up with the aristocracy. He pleads with the international press to spread this message to their readers before more people are killed by the "vicious" Abhisit government.

14:00, April 11 - Govt announces state of emergency in Pattaya, Chon Buri
- The Nation, April 11, 2009

13:52, April 11 - We received word that convoys of police van and paddy wagons with lights flashing are racing towards Bangkok from the central provinces

13:52, April 11 - DTV is showing a graphic of the King in the corner of their broadcast

Asean Summit in Pattaya collapses - The Nation, April 11, 2009

Press Release from the Red Shirts - April 11, 2009
It reads in part: ...We insist that our purpose of protesting is entirely peaceful. The meetings with Thailand’s side, if gone on, would be misleading, since the Thai government doesn’t represent the people of the country democratically. Deliberate attempts of the government and their supporters must be exposed without any reservation.

Arisman directs protesters to hunt for PM inside Royal Cliff Beach hotel - The Nation, April 11, 2009
Arisman Pongruangrong, a red-shirted leader, directed protesters to raid inside the Royal Cliff Beach Resort Hotel to hunt for Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva...

Summit postponed following clash in Pattaya - The Nation, April 11, 2009

Matichon, April 10, 2009
The red shirts invade Pattaya to agitate the ‘ASEAN Summit Conference’ – Block the conference
Spreading the rumor that "Pa" [Privy Councilor Gen Prem Tinasulanonda], Mark [PM Abhisit], and a high ranking soldier have a secret discussion – Traffic in Bangkok blocked – The red shirts block the road – Victory Monument – ‘Maew’ [Thaksin] incites the red rally ‘Don’t lose’ – The government handles Thaksin’s political game by asking the government officers to stop working today.
‘Sae [chief of military staff] Pek’ denies hiring an assassin to kill a Privy Councilor
The bulk of the Democrat Party in planning political game -‘Mark’ [PM Abhisit] has a calm manner – Defeat ‘the red shirts.’

Thairath; April 10, 2009
Gather around Victory Monument – A center traffic of Bangkok – Blocked intensely
Sae [chief of military staff] Pek surrenders himself – ‘The assassination of an influential royal advisor’
Apisit mentions the red shirt’s sedition – everyone loses
Catch a dead robber [RKK separatist] in Southern Thailand – Kills a district-chief officer

Krungtep Turakij; April 10, 2009
The red shirt’s extreme plan is to block to ASEAN Summit Conference
The star plan of the red shirts blocks the traffic – Apisit asks the government officers to stop working [on Friday] to deal with the red-shirt rally
The private sector is worried about the problems of a political movement [The red-shirt rally] - Impact on investment – Tourism
If the violence happens, Thai people and Thailand will lose

Matichon Weekly - April 10, 2009
It reads: "Thak" tsunami?

(Source: NBT)
NBT bumper for the Red Shirt protests - April, 2009

It reads: Follow the situation of the protest

Friday extra holiday: Abhisit - The Nation, April 10, 2009

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva announced that Friday will be an extra holiday to pave way for the authorities to take action against wrongdoers in the Bangkok street blockades.
The prime minister made the announcement live on TV Thursday night.

Right: Abhisit giving his speech. He was blinking so frequency, it was difficult to get a frame grab with his eyes open.

(Source: NBT)

(Source: NBT)



Friday afternoon in Bangkok - April 10, 2009

Above: 15:39 - Red Shirts at Victory Monument

Below: 15:54 - Red Shirts closing the Weepahwahdeerangsit-Suthisarn Intersection

Also: Red-shirted shooed away from Sathorn - The Nation. April 10, 2009
Red-shirted people's attempt to block the Sathorn-Narathiwat Intersection Friday was foiled by unity of normal people on the road who happened to be there...



Red Shirt protest main page - March-April 2009

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