Bangkok Airport Scam

The Bangkok Airport Scam

Warnings issued about alleged Bangkok airport scam - Thailandnews, August 7, 2009
...But the allegations of extortion take things to another level.
"We are quite concerned about this," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Vimon Kidchob said Thursday. "The government of Thailand is doing everything we can to ensure the safety of tourists..."

Scandal at Suvarnabhumi - Bangkok Post, August 2, 2009
Several recent cases of alleged extortion at the new airport are in danger of subverting the entire legal system, and scaring tourists away...

AoT beefs up security at Suvarnabhumi - Baggage staff coming under closer scrutiny - Bangkok Post, July 31, 2009
[Recently, when checking in for an international flight, the check-in staff at Thai Airways, under her breath, told me to be sure to lock my luggage as there were many thefts at the airport.]

Crackdown at Suvarnabhumi from July 28 - Bangkok Post, July 22, 2009
A major crackdown on illegal taxis and unlicensed guides will be conducted at Suvarnabhumi airport starting July 28, according to a notice put up by the Airports of Thailand Plc in the airport on Wednesday...

Sohpon acts to prevent airport scams - Bangkok Post, July 22, 2009
...Mr Sohpon said he had ordered the AoT to arrange its officials to take care of foreign tourists in case they are engaged in a legal dispute and required to be handed over to police investigators. During this process, the tourists must be escorted by airport officials and embassies of their countries must be informed. This is to prevent members of an extortion gang to intervene and offer help...

Tourists warned of Thailand airport scam - BBC, July 20, 2009
...Letters of complaint to the papers here in Thailand make it clear that passengers are regularly detained at the airport for alleged shoplifting, and then made to pay middlemen to win their freedom...

Danes warned against airport police in Bangkok - translation via ThaiVisa, July 21, 2009
Be careful if you shop in stores in the international airport in Bangkok. You risk being arrested and charged of corruption of Thai airport officials...

Bangkok airport scam condemned in Europe - Phuket Wan, July 9, 2009
Britain's Foreign Office is reported to be reviewing its travel advice for Thailand amid fresh media coverage of a Bangkok airport scam and the ''harrowing ordeal'' of an Irish traveller...

Local woman home from Thai jail after being targeted by scam - Kilkenny People, July 10, 2009
..."What is happening here is outrageous and needs to be exposed. It's a national scandal," said her husband, Ronan Loftus, who flew over to Thailand to help his wife escape the ordeal...

Irish scientist escapes Thai airport shoplifting charge in flight to freedom -, July 4, 2009

£10,000 for eye shadow at King Power?- The Bangkok airport scam -, July 4, 2009
Police volunteer admitted that 160 tourists were scammed including six Britons...
“No I don't want a laptop I’ve got too many of those. Jewelery will do...”

Airport extortion: King Power's side of the story - July 8, 2009

British couple fights Bangkok airport extortionists - Two tourists were held by an airport gang until they paid up £8,000 - The Sunday Times, June 28, 2009
...The bribes were paid to an intermediary named Sunil “Tony” Rathnayaka, a Sri Lankan national in his fifties who works as a “volunteer” interpreter for Thailand’s tourist police (motto: “To serve and to protect”).
...Last week Rathnayaka admitted in a telephone interview that he had received cash and money transfers amounting to more than £7,000 from the Britons. He said the money was for police bail and for a payment to a figure he called “Little Big Man” who could withdraw the case against them.
“In Thailand everyone knows it’s like that,” he said. “They can go to jail or they can just pay a fine and go home. It is corruption, you know?...”

Also: The descent of Suvarnabhumi
- June 9, 2009

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