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Thai email forwards: The image of the police warning ticket by the use of hi-tech camera - January 13, 2009

Close up views of the Bangkok red-light cameras
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It is the time to begin for the use of the hi-tech camera to record illegal driving in more than 30 intersections around Bangkok. Wrongdoers are to receive fine order at home. The hi-tech camera project is on the first trial on December 30 under the supervision of Police Major General Panu Kerdlarbphon, the Deputy Metropolitan police Chief of Traffic control, who was initiator of the project.

The work of the detective gadget contains 2 parts which are the photo recording system to record the photo of wrongdoer which is by digital camera function and the monitoring system that evaluates the recorded data. The process follows the following steps: taking photo records with details, transferring the photos through the ADSL network system to the central monitoring center, comparing the data which are record of pictures of wrongdoers’ vehicles, rechecking the clarity of the picture, and ordering the warning ticket by postal mail for fine.

Up to now, the digital camera has been installed in more than 30 spots in Bangkok:
1. The Ratchada-Ladprao intersection
2. The Ban Ma intersection
3. The Klong ton intersection
4. The Asokepetch intersection
5. The Wireless-Ploenchit intersection
6. The Sanghi intersection
7. The Phaya thai intersection
8. The Chokechai 4 intersection
9. The Nida intersection
10. The Urupong intersection
11. The Pradipat intersection
12. The Ratchada-Rama4 intersection
13. The Lamsali intersection
14. The Bankhaek intersection
15. The Bangphat intersection
16. The Narinthorn intersection
17. The Ratchaprasong intersection
18. The Asoke-Sukhumvit intersection
19. The Sathorn intersection
20. The Taksin intersection
21. The Poh Kaew intersection
22. Pattanakarn-cross Ramkhamhaeng 24 Road intersection
23. The Rom Klao intersection
24. The Sulakakorn intersection
25. The Mengjai intersection
26. The Thaphra intersection
27. The Prawes intersection
28. The Henri Dunont intersection
29. The Prachanukul intersection
30. The Bang Pho intersection

The camera contains with 3 functional parts
1.The body of the camera
2.The censor
3.The computer assessing part

When the red traffic light begins to start, the censor of the camera starts its function and any red light break through action will be recorded by the camera and then assessed by the computer system equipped in the steel case at the bottom part of the traffic light pole. The computer will process the data to the monitoring and traffic control center and the data will be shown in the police traffic control office’s computer screen. The data will be read automatically by the machine and the drivers’ owners will be identified. The traffic control police will connect the transport department at the Rattanathibet Center to confirm the color, brand and name of car owner before the warning tickets are to be considered issued.

Right: An attached jpg shows a document with the mark of the national police office and an example of the data that appears on the police traffic control screen.

The wrongdoers’ photo will be recorded and the warning tickets will be sent to the wrongdoers’ residence after the complete evidence is gathered. The 3 pictures sent to wrongdoers’ residence are the picture before the illegal action took place, the picture recorded when the illegal action is occurring and the picture of car registration number. The picture will identify place, day and time that the illegal action occurred, including the speed of the car and the car body within 7 days after the traffic law breaking occurred. The owners will have to pay fine at the amount fixed according to the law and also lose their driving points.

The traffic lawbreakers have to pay fine at the specific fine spots which are located at the Land Transport Department Office in Chatuchak, the the Land Transport Department Office in Bangna, the the Land Transport Department Office in Talingchan, in Bangkhuntien, at the parallel skyway, at the Rama 4 Expressway, police station, the Kamphaengphet Police booth, the Viphavadi Police station and the fine spot at the old traffic control police office within a 7 day-period. The maximum fine is fixed at no more than 1,000 baht.

The photo of first car that was recorded by the hi-tech camera 4 am on December 30 at the Asoke intersection.

Close up views of the Bangkok red-light cameras
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