Red Shirt Publications – December 2009, Part 1

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From Voice of Taksin, December, 2009 - The caption reads: Romanov dynasty - Russia, Year 1613-1917

A notable feature of the Red Shirt-related publications has been the frequent references and historical essays about people power movements that overthrew royal regimes--with special attention on the Romanovs and Nepalese royalty.

Left: From Voice of Taksin, September 16-30, 2009
The headline reads: The end of Nepalese King, the collapse of the Monarchy of the Himalayas

Thaksin sets the record straight in a special publication - December, 2009

[This unusual Red publication has no advertising or other normal columns, but is a categorical defense and explanation of Thaksin's views and positions--apparently in light of recent poor publicity.]

From Red Power, December, 2009
The title of the publication reads: Red Power - Democracy, Freedom and Equality
On the band across the cover: Thaksin isn't involved lese majeste - doesn’t sell the nation

The contents on the bottom right:
Thaksin… isn't involved in lese majeste…absolutely sure! p. 4
Positive nationalism in the style of Thaksin p. 9
Thaksin: Peace ambassador for Thailand-Cambodia p. 14
Preah Vihear: the cause of the war between Thailand and Cambodia p. 26
The interview with Police Lieutenant Thaksin Shinawatra p. 37

Below: A historical retelling of Preah Vihear history contending that it is the reason Cambodia and Thailand have had bad relations recently--not because of Thaksin's visit to Cambodia. The title of the article is: Preah Vihear: The cause of the war between Thai and Cambodia under the ruling government of Abhisit

From Truth Today, December 4-7, 2009
At the top next to the photo of HM King, it reads: Long Live the King [in both Pali/Sanskrit and Thai] - from the Puen Pong Nong Pee Company
The part on the cover under Thaksin's head says: The Red Shirt people and Thaksin venerate HM King

From Voice of Taksin, December, 2009
The headline reads: Samak-Prem - Cremation ceremony not to be attended - Shadow not to be tread upon [This means the two would not participate in the cremation ceremonies of each other or even tread on each other's shadow indicating they are enemies.]
Boiling red…! Waiting for the day of breakup [refers to the Red Shirts' promise to overthrown the government]
Times onLine VS Thais onLie [referring to the controversial Time Online interview with Thaksin]

Red Publications – December 2009, Part 2
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