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From Voice of Taksin, October 16-31, 2009
The title reads: Kong Beng Jew coming home! Prem the aristocrat, going to hell!
["Jew" being the nickname of Chawalit and the rest of the name referring to "Ju Kad Lieng," a character in The Legend of the 3 Kingdoms that is associated with Chawalit. This headline refers to Chawalit returning to politics with the Pheu Thai Party.
Despite the arrival of Chawalit in the Pheu Thai Party, the Red Shirt message has centered more on Privy Councilor Prem. In the latter part of October, all the "Red" publications have been focusing on Prem--especially Voice of Taksin which has article after article harshly criticizing Prem. It is possible that the focus of the upcoming Red Shirt protests in November aimed at toppling the government will focus on Prem in some way.]

From Truth Today, October 27-29, 2009
The headline reads: Lead actor of the Asean Summit [The photo is of Cambodian PM Hun Sen who grabbed headlines at the summit with his comments supporting Thaksin.]

From Truth Today, October 27-29, 2009
The headline reads: Constitution revision game: The elephant’s ivory never grows from the dog’s mouth, [likewise] democracy never comes from the Democrat Party”

From Truth Today, October 27-29, 2009
The man on motorcycle says: Thailand is hosting the ASEAN summit on human rights issues. The second class population [the poor and oppressed] is not allowed.
The letter on the sign on the far left reads: Red shirts
The road signs at the top read "Chaam" and "Hua Hin"
The back of the coat has the symbol of the Bhumjaithai Party and reads: Blue Shirt
[This refers to the recent Asean Summit in Hua Hin when the Red Shirts were barred from protesting at the venue due the events of April when Red Shirts overran the Asean venue and forced an emergency evacuation of dignitaries. The Red Shirts claim that they were forced to overrun the Pattaya summit in April due to violence perpetrated on them by blue-shirted men controlled by the Bhumjaithai Party.]

From Thai Red News, October 16-22, 2009
The main headline reads: Constitution 2007 revision - (is) extending the lifetime of government - Opposition whip.. do not get confused!! [referring to the recent controversy about whether the Pheu Thai, which long campaigned for constitutional amendments, would support them now that the government has agreed to amend the constitution.]
The red letters at the top: Return the power to the people to compensate the mercy of the King and the land - Dissolve parliament
The special column headline reads: The political movement by General Harn

From: Truth Today, October 13-15, 2009

The headline reads: We bid for the public referendum between the constitution 1997 versus the constitution 2007

Behind is a ballot box with "the people’s constitution year 2540 [1997]" and "the constitution of dictatorship 2550 [2007]"

From: Truth Today, Economic War, October 13-15, 2009
The headline reads: The investment in education and the life school (Democracy)
[This article promotes the idea of a political school for the public to teach them the real mean of Democracy. Ironically, this same idea was sometimes brought up by the PAD.]

From Thai Red News Column: Special articles Author: Gen Chavalit Yongjaiyuth Date: October 9-15, 2009
The title reads: The Monarch Institute and the being of the Thai nation

[The writer gives his opinion with information referring to the morality of the King and the King’s roles in promoting national democracy from the past up to present with regards to many Kings of the Rattanakosin era. As for His Majesty the King, he is the King who always stands by the people’s side. The best way of democracy is to follow the King’s morality as in the past age under the absolute monarchy as the Kings of this country are the real democratic governors of the country.
The writer states his idea that nowadays some ruling dictators claim that they are democratic, but they are dictators. Dating back to the point of national democracy in 1924, Thailand turned into the democracy by a coup and this causes a misunderstanding about true democracy.
In the final paragraph, the writer also mentions that he has called for peaceful revolution to promote the true Democracy with regards to the King’s morality and real democratic values. However, this was wrongfully taken to mean communist action. He suggests others to listen to his suggestions to promote true national democracy.]

From Truth Today, October 9-12, 2009
The headline reads: As the hands and feet of dictators still exists, the work of the dictators continue

["Hands and feet" refer to followers or aides. The letter on very top of the tower reads “Justice Ministry”]

[The man in the picture is National Anti-Corruption Committee member Klanarong Chanthick. The article refers to the NCCC’s verdict against former Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and former Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama regarding agreements they made concerning the the Preah Vihear site. The writer claims that the two were disgracefully investigated only becuase they were Thaksin’s aides.]

From Thai Red News, Column: Red from the plateau, Author: Sa-ad Jandee, October 16-22, 2009
The headline reads: Squadron Leader Prasong Soonsiri - Friend/Member of the aristocrats? [Democrat leader Chuan Leepai is on the right.]

From Thai Red News Column: Think righteously, October 16-22, 2009
The headline reads: Born to cheat [The article criticizes MCOT for allowing Sondhi Limthongkul to run the “Muamg Thai Rai Sabda” program in the past. The small photo shows Sondhi behind bars with the English words: Let's vote power of people to make your dreams come true..]

From Thai Red News, Column: People’s Court, Author: The Editorial, Date: October 16-22, 2009
The headline reads: The people’s court vs juristic check on law - How could Police Lieutenant Thaksin Shinawatra be found guilty in the Ratchada land scandal?

From Truth Today, October 16-19, 2009
The headline reads: I do not fear (you) - Call for the petition - Ask for Democracy

From Truth Today, October 16-19, 2009
The headline reads: Abhisit wins greatly - Thais lost in ruin

From Voice of Taksin, October 16-31, 2009
The back cover features a quote from a Thaksin speech: "Must return Democracy... return justice to society and harmony will be established” - Thaksin Shinawatra, October 11, 2009

From Voice of Taksin, Author: Viphuthalaeng Pattanapoomthai, October 16-31, 2009
The headline reads: The October man - and the behavior of betraying the people

From Voice of Taksin, October 16-31, 2009
The headline reads: The power play war of police, shaken aristocrat, Democrats cracked [commenting on the struggle of the government to appoint a new police chief]

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Sathanakarn den praden ron (Hot issue-outstanding topic)  Author: Trae Yam, October 16-31, 2009
The headline reads: You blamed him... we are sick [of your blame] - [we] are to give fight [with a] speech for Thaksin [our speech is aimed at fighting back on behalf of Thaksin]... and so what? [and who dares do anything to prevent us]
[The issues mentioned in the column are about Abhisit’s performance in government administration, the silence of Gen. Prem, and the gathering of the PAD on October 6, 2009 to vote for a party leader. The Photoshopped photo shows Abhisit and other government figures performing a "likae" dance. Likae is known for long and magnificently presented fantasy plays. The meaning is to compare this to the Abhisit-led government where everything seems to be “well dressed up,” however, the facts are not real and it takes long time until the success comes true.]

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Sathanakarn den praden ron (Hot issue-outstanding topic)  Author: Trae Yam, October 16-31, 2009
[Another graphic in the article is a stained tampon graphic featuring the faces of the five PAD leaders (Chamlong Srimuang, Sondhi Limthongkul, Somsak Kosaisook, Pipob Thongchai, Somkat Pongpaiboon and Suriyasai Katasila). Using tampons or menstrual blood is a traditional Thai way of cursing people. Sondhi famously used such cursing methods about a year ago. Articles in Voice of Taksin can be quite bitter and are often focused on individuals such as Privy Councilor Prem and PAD leaders. This is in contrast to Truth Today which typically has more issue-oriented articles.]

From Voice of Taksin, Column: Eye-catching situation-hot issue, October 1-15, 2009
The headline reads: We are fed up with you blaming [him] - We argue on behalf of Thaksin... and what can you do
[This ia an article criticizing Privy Councilor Thanin Kraiwichien who gave a speech on the morality and ethics of political post holders and state officials. The speech was seen as a criticism of the Thaksin pardon petition of the Red Shirts and a signal from the Privy Council that such a petition was not proper. The column's style is similar to a gossip column, but takes on political issues. The headline is written in a way to show the columnist is trying to fight back and give support to Thaksin. Thanin Kraiwichien was Prime Minister immediately after the October 6 massacre at Thammasat in 1976.]

From Thai Red News Column: Reds from the plateau Author: Sa-ad Jandee, October 23-29, 2009
The headline reads: Who will defend the aristocrat from destroying the institute of the monarchy…?!

From Truth Today, October 20-22, 2009
The title is: October memoir
On the left is Field Marshal Prapart Kittikachorn and Thanom Kittikachorn. Under them it reads: Dictators of October, 1973
On the right is Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. Under him it reads: Dictator of October, 2009.
Field Marshal Thanom says: We announced martial law, slandered and suppressed.
Prime Minister Abhisit says: I slandered and then announced the security bill and suppressed.
Field Marshal Prapart is thinking: It [Abhisit’s plan] is far better.

From Truth Today, Column: Thais see through politics, October 20-22, 2009
The headline reads: The army or the invisible hand that stages the coup over Thai society

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