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Red publications - October 2009
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From Voice of Taksin, October 1-15, 2009
[This full page photo has a poem by Jakrapob Penkair praising the "red people." It was read on the Truth Today stage at the Pai Kiew Temple court on February 14, 2009.
Paraphrased, the verse says that red is an innocent color representing people who are true, and not destroying the country. The Red are especially not like the weak Prime Minister (Abhisit) and are not betrayers (probably a criticism of Newin Chidchob who joined the Democrat-led coalition). The Red, according to the verse, do not fear wicked people and the red protest focuses on the righteousness to teach the aristocrats to behave rightfully. The Red’s heart is brave

From Voice of Taksin, back cover, October 1-15, 2009
The words read: Read “new and quality [articles]” that the big media dare not publish

From Voice of Taksin, October 1-15, 2009
The title reads: Do I have cancer? [You think I have cancer?] Ha, ha, ha

[Making fun of the rumors circulated via the Manager that Thaksin has lost his hair and is near death from prostate cancer.]

The title below reads: October’s massacre - Hell is chasing the mastermind.. page 3

From Truth Today, Column: Thai Roo than Kan Muang, October 2-5, 2009
The headline reads: Turning old by eating rice, turning geezer by staying a long time
[This is from a Thai saying meaning every day we eat rice and every day we get older and it is men’s nature that one who stays at one position for a long period knows everything--especially tricks. The Red Shirts publications are very persistent at painting Privy Councilor Prem as a villain.]

From Thai Red News, Column: Tee Rab Soong, Author: Sa-ad Jandee, October 2-8, 2009
The title reads: Dictator! Beware of the people’s coup…?!

From Truth Today, October 2-5, 2009
The headline reads: Lively democracy or hidden with aristocracy dictatorship?

From Truth Today, Column: Red Station, Author: Jatuporn Promphan, October 2-5, 2009
The headline reads: I do anything, it all turns wrong - You do anything, it all turns righteous - Doing good is to face wickedness

From Thai Red News, October 2-8, 2009
The headline reads: Losing Phra Viharn [Preah Vihear] - The shameful work of the aristocrat and dictator
At the top reads: Special interview - TPBS for the blind - Jom Petchpradab [Jom Petchpradab is a well-known journalist for Prachathai. Article this refers to criticism of the government TPBS channel which has been made bland by the removal of political content. This was in response to the People Power Party governments in 2008 that used the channel to show provocative documentaries about popular revolutions.]

From Thai Red News, Column: Red news - Watch Thailand and foreigner, October 2-8, 2009
The headline reads: Stephen B. Young - Foreign outsider wearing yellow criticizing Thaksin, analyzing Thai social rooted base [refers to a controversial interview in The Nation with a foreign analyst. This interview was also lampooned on Not the Nation]

From Truth Today, October 2-5, 2009
The title reads: Revealing the plan Weaken Thai! [This is a joke on the government's "Strong Thailand" campaign. The sign towards the bottom is from the Public Health Ministry. The Puea Thai Party is publicizing a corruption scandal related to the ministry.]

From Voice of Taksin, October 1-15, 2009
The quote reads: The rubber sapling corruption is another case that the coup group uses as a claim to stage a coup and that now it is proved that the September 19 coup is merely the “order” [Meaning that the coup plotters used the rubber sapling corruption case as a pretext for a coup. Now that the case has been thrown out of court this should show that the coup was done on orders from someone high up.
The graphic made up of the face of Newin and body of a model whose name is similar to "Newin Chidchob." We believe this graphic may actually be from the Manager Group which has made fun of Newin with this model's name before, but we cannot find it online.]

From Voice of Taksin, October 1-15, 2009
The title reads: Massacre - October, the retribution for bad deeds is hunting for the dictators - The Editorial [This article draws parallels between the harsh right-wing crackdown of 1976 and the injustices that the pro-Thaksin groups have been subject to.]

From Truth Today, cartoon by Met, October 6-8, 2009
The top left reads: Aggravating
The man in the white shirt is PM Abhisit. He says "take it” and is throwing an anvil with the words loan debt burden, corruption and cheating around it. The drowning man is wearing a shirt that reads “grass-roots” and he is calling for help. The words around him read economic crisis, layoff, and injustice.

From Truth Today, October 6-8, 2009
The cover reads: Soldier who leads democracy reinforcing the 'Pheu Thai'
[Refers to the former Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief Chavolit who joined the Pheu Thai Party as its leader.]

From Truth Today, October 6-8, 2009
The title reads: The old truth of the party
[The photo shows Democrat Party logo and the party name falling apart. The article criticizes the disharmony between the majority of MP and a minor faction of the long-established Democrat Party as a problem that continues to exist from the past up to present.]

From Truth Today, October 6-8, 2009
The title reads: Sympathize with the country - Take pity on Thais

From Thai Red News, Column: Global Corner-Moral Corner, October 9-15, 2009
The headline reads: The glorious network of the great aristocrats in the time that the country is collapsing

From Red News, October 10, 2009
Very special with the collections of rare pictures of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra for those who are missing him especially. Not published by others!
Read detail on the interview of Thaksin and Jom Petchpradab (Prachathai columnist) that you can find nowhere else
Full with content that the big media dare not publish... more!

From Red News, October 9-15, 2009
Zhuge Liang - Lead to create Democracy - Pheu Thai survives the crisis
["Zhuge Liang”--also known as Khong Beng--a clever strategist in the Chinese story The Three Kingdoms]
The white letters at the top: Special article by Gen. Chavalit - The Monarch Institute and the being of the Thai nation

From Thai Red News, Column: Miscellaneous Cases, Author: Phakdee Thanapura, October 9-15, 2009
Strong Thais - Merely announcing and then falling from the horse back to the ground [This is an idiom meaning to just speak and then lose the goal immediately. It is a criticism of the government's "Strong Thailand" campaign) 

From Thai Red News, Column: Sang Baan Paeng Muang, Author: Doctor Weng Tojirakarn, October 9-15, 2009
The headline reads: Questions to police and the government [This articles questions why government house was allowed to be occupied and why the authorities have not brought charges against the PAD ringleaders.]

From Truth Today, October 9-12, 2009
The cover reads: The 60 billion bus - Irresistible… I will take it

[The picture shows a from the bus of the NGV bus project bursting through the Democrat Party logo.]

From Truth Today, October 13, 2009
Each issue of Truth Today features a message from Thaksin. This one reads:
October 9, 2009
Dear Thais,
This picture [below] is when I took the team casting the "O channel"--the OTOP channel-- to visit the Arabian center where the OTOP products are sold in Dubai to compare advantages and disadvantages for how to promote Thailand’s OTOP continuously. This channel will be broadcast on November 1, 2009 on a trial basis. Next, the channel will be developed to be a sales channel for Thailand’s OTOP distribution and SMEs in the future. The heat in Dubai is less. At the end of the month, the weather should be very fine.

From Truth Today, Column: Want to have something in mind (Yak Mee Ruang Hai Kid), Author: Nuttawut Saikua, October 9-12, 2009
The title reads: May the two go... go to the heaven’s door?
[The “go to the heaven door” in Thai is used as a blessing for a wedding couple. It is used here to refer to Sondhi Limthongkul and General Sonthi Boonyaratkalin both of who are entering politics.]

From Truth Today, October 13-15, 2009
The headline reads: Take back the constitution 2007 of the aristocrat - Call for the return of the constitution 1997
The graphics is a ballot that reads: Not accept the constitution 2007

From Red News, special article by Ang Khang, October 10, 2009
The title reads: Loosing the knot of Sondhi’s murder order
[The article is more a criticism of Defense Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, who delivered a speech on his birthday focusing on “his devotion for the religion, the King and the nation” and this statement is criticized by the writer of the article as inappropriate along with his control over the military.]

From Truth Today, October 6-8, 2009
The headline reads: [Those] Breaking the law should be considered only a bandit...!!
[The article blames various government and army people for abusing the law for their own sake and regardless of positions they are holding. It says these people are no better than a "barefoot bandit."]

From: Truth Today, October 13-15, 2009

The headline reads: We bid for the public referendum between the constitution 1997 versus the constitution 2007

Behind is a ballot box with "the people’s constitution year 2540 [1997]" and "the constitution of dictatorship 2550 [2007]"

From: Truth Today, Economic War, October 13-15, 2009
The headline reads: The investment in education and the life school (Democracy)
[This article promotes the idea of a political school for the public to teach them the real mean of Democracy. Ironically, this same idea was sometimes brought up by the PAD.]

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