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Red News - August 17, 2009
The unusual and perhaps innovative usage of the Thai “red” movement by Thaksin makes for an unlikely paring. On the front cover of August’s Red News (right) is Sae Dan, an old "red" activist. On the back cover (left) is Thaksin, seen by many as the ultimate capitalist. Several monthly and weekly “red” publications started distribution in Bangkok and around the country in July--all featuring Thaksin prominently.
The cover reads (in part): Surachai Danwattananusorn (Surachai Sae Dan) - Many reds know him by the name “Surachai Danwattananusorn” that derives by the change of surname “Sae Dan” or his old full name “Surachai Sae Dan” - The man who leads fashion of red star hat - The man who fights for whole real democracy firmly - And who does not deviate in the middle of the path!

English-language editorial from Northern Post Red, August 8, 2009

Scenes from Thaksin's 60th birthday celebrations - Red News, August, 2009

Northern Post/Red Alliance, August 8-14, 2009
The cover reads: 09-09-09 - Wicked code - Aristocrat seizes the country - Auspicious time - The smell of coup begins again!
[This refers to September, 9 2009 and the tendency to place importance on "auspicious" dates and times.]

Aristocrats seize the country (again) - Watch closely on the condition of the Reds to present more than 5 million names seeking HM King’s pardon and that the aristocrat will claim that they are protecting the throne including the legal case of rubber plant corruption

The headline reads: Great Nuisance

Thaksin will help you - Truth Today, August 11, 2009
Words at the left above the truck: Price of agricultural products drop
Words on the gas pump: Price goes up.
Local man being attacked by the gasoline hose says: Help me.
Prime Minister Abhisit at right says: Wait until Thaksin comes to help you grass-rooted people

From Truth Today, August 11, 2009 - The article headline reads: The auspicious day for Satan 666: Abhisit-Thep (Tuak) reveal performance - The 666 code refers to the declaration of 6 month report on performance on August 6 with 6 coalition parties. A source reveals earlier that some astrologers warn about the mystery of the 666 number that possibly brings bad luck to the Democrat ruling government. Earlier Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva expressed his disbelief to the astrologers’ concern.

From Truth Today, August 11, 2009 - The title of the article: Puey Ungpakorn - The legend of Thammasat University

Truth Today, August 21-24, 2009
The title reads: Offered [presented humbly] a legal case [petition] to HM King or grabbing HM King’s power?

Truth Today, August 21-24, 2009
The title reads: Economic War - Defuse the time bomb of Thailand

Red Station by Jatuporn Promphan, Truth Today, August 21-24, 2009
The title reads: The end of the government [if they] dare to abolish the people’s petition

From Voice of Taksin, August 1-15, 2009

Voice of Taksin, August 16-31, 2009

The title reads: 26 August, 2008
The birthday of Prem, the aristocrat (royal aide)
PAD are joyful ["Perm-Pree" in Thai refers to joy but the word is spelled with incorrect spelling letter to make a pun that adds the name "Prem" to the word]
Pee on the Government House [grounds] [this refers to the PAD occupation of Government House]
Invade the N.B.T.
Attack the Finance Ministry

Voice of Taksin, August 16-31, 2009

The words written on the monk's fan reads: Never return [referring to death - meaning Prem should die and never return or we are better off without him]
The title reads: Prem never returns - 26 August, the whole land is black [meaning people wear black to mockingly commemorate the birthday of Privy Councilor Prem]
Voice of Taksin, August 16-31, 2009

The title reads: Even prostitutes almost go bankrupt
Voice of Taksin, August 16-31, 2009

Column: Kom Kwam Kit [sharpen thought] Jit Polajan
The title reads: Decoding who tried to kill Sondhi Lim?

Truth Today, August 21-24, 2009
The title reads: Offered [presented humbly] a legal case [petition] to HM King or grabbing HM King’s power?
 The underlined words on the document in black says [the Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Office] will pass every petition to the government for offering suggestion to His Majesty the King.
[The document is alleged to be a press announcement from the Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Office. The cover is used to justify the submission of a petition to the King's secretary by the Red Shirts.]

Northern Post Red, August 22-28, 2009
The cover reads: [If] Thaksin dies... the red [shirt movement] ends… the un-man [likely meaning Privy Councilor Prem] believes so - Killing Zone... get the killing target! - Thaksin’s lovers must read [pages] 5-7-8-9

World watch (Sai ta Lork) by Jakrapob Penkiar, Naew Ruam (Northern Red Post), August 22-28, 2009
The headline reads: Thaksin returns home?

Farang Perspective - Naew Ruam/Northern Red Post, August 29, 2009

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