Red Publications – July 2009

Red publications - July 2009
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Thai Red News, July 31, 2009
The cover reads: The way out of the double standard justice problem
The EC [Election Commission] unanimously agrees to delay democracy
Thaksin at age 60 in joyance - Talks with "Red in the Land" via Facebook and Twitter
Democracy lovers can communicate and listen to community radios

Column: Sang Ban Pang Muang
The headline: Brainless Homework Copier [referring to accusations that PM Aphisit committed plagiarism while in school]

The headline: The Abhisit government ignores the role of Chinese Yuan currency in international trade

Truth Today - July 21-23, 2009
The cover reads: Come with soldiers - Go with elephant tusks
[Meaning a scandal involving the gift of elephant tusks will force the PM from office. The Pheu Thai party is calling for an investigation of the Prime Minister accepting a gift of elephant tusk ivory. The Red Shirt-related publications feature lots of simulated blood.]

Truth Today (Mahaprachachon), July 31, 2009
The cover reads: Petition royally offered [to HM King] to end suffering of the whole land
At Right is the cover article inside the magazine.

Column: Fadong Top Boot [many publications have a "top boot" column to cover news and gossip relating to top military brass appointments]
The headline reads: The tree pole politics involved with the Army? [meaning something like army influence is dictating the appointment of top politicians]

The headline reads: Revolting [for] Siamese democracy - The ultimatum of the Khana Rassadorn (part 10) [Part 10 in a series of articles. The Khana Rassadorn was a democratic reform group in the reign of the King Rama VII.]

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