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Tesco drops £1.6m libel claim against Thai columnist - The Guardian, June 20, 2010
...He conceded he had made an error in one calculation, inflating Tesco's income in Thailand by a factor of 10 – he said it generated 37% of its revenue from Thailand; the true figure is 3.7%...

Journalist settles multi-million libel suit with retail giant Tesco - SEAPA/IFEX, December 2, 2008
...Tesco Lotus filed a THB103-million (approx. US$3 million, £1.9 million) libel suit against Nongnart after she wrote in January 2008 in her business gossip column in "Bangkokbiznews", "Buzz," that the global retailer did not"love" Thailand.
The agreed wording, to be published in a short statement for three consecutive days, will express the author's apology that her readers may have taken the wrong meaning from her story.
...A second Tesco Lotus case against another of the newspaper's columnists, Kamol Kamoltrakul, also for US$3 million, was due to go for arbitration on 27 November.

Tesco continues spress of libel suits - SEAPA/IFEX, April 22, 2008

Giant retail company's legal action against newspapers "harassment, pure and simple," says SEAPA - SEAPA/IFEX, April 17, 2008

Retail giant files absurdly large defamation lawsuits against columnist and former MP over criticisms - SEAPA/IFEX, March 19, 2008

Tesco Lotus promotes Thai farmers and the national economy - Thairath, September, 2008
It reads: Tesco Lotus promotes Thai farmers and the national economy- In 2008, Tesco Lotus offer to buy mangosteens, rambutans, longkong and farm products from more than 300,000 tonnes valued more than 1,800 million

Thai Tesco 'won't silence me' - BBC News, April 29, 2008
Tesco sues a second Thai journalist for libel - Guardian, April 18, 2008
Tesco in Thailand is suing a second columnist from a Bangkok business newspaper for £1.6m in libel damages.
The global retailer, trading as Tesco Lotus, claims the business gossip writer for Bangkok Business News damaged the company's reputation when she said the company did not "love" Thailand.
The offending article in Nongnart Harnvilai's tongue-in-cheek "Buzz" column was part of a collection of short stories on page 28 of the paper, and ran to just a few sentences...

Earlier: Tesco sues critic of its expansion in Thailand for £16.4m damages - Guardian, April 8, 2008
...Free speech campaigners are outraged by Tesco Lotus's "heavy-handed" tactics, that they believe are designed to intimidate and silence critics alarmed over the company's growth in Thailand.
"Defamation suits of this nature and of such absurd proportions are clearly meant to harass legitimate criticism, intimidate independent media, and stifle discussions and debate over legitimate public concerns," said Roby Alampay, of the South-east Asian Press Alliance (Seapa). "Seapa sees the Tesco Lotus suits as harassment, pure and simple."
...A Tesco spokesman said: "Tesco is of course not trying to intimidate Mr Kamol or Mr Jit, but we do have a right to defend our company and our colleagues against false allegations. We took this action reluctantly but felt we had no choice after a sustained campaign of misinformation spread by the two individuals over many months.

Thai email forwards: Anti-Tesco pdf - January 26, 2008
Here is an Anti-Tesco pdf being forwarded via email.

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

"We are a good partner" - Tesco public relations campaign - January 25, 2008
This is a full page ad from the inside cover of the Thai-language Nation Weekend news magazine.
It reads: Tesco Lotus. We care about you. Creating business opportunities for the community.
We are a good partner. 
Tesco Lotus has more than 7,300 partners and is provides more than 35,000 goods items. The goods and services Tesco Lotus purchases from our partners is worth more than 98 billion baht per year, 98% of which are from Thai companies and about half of which are from small- and medium-sized enterprises.

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