Sombat Khong Phudee – Part Ten: Well-mannered people must behave in a moral manner

Sombat Khong Phudee


Part Ten: Well-mannered people must behave in a moral manner

Top: The school is over / Come quick, we’re leaving kids. / Rak Wicha School / Wait for me! / Wait up! / Please sit closer! / Brrr [sound of the bus]

Middle left: I hear the bus coming. / Pack your things quickly, Bai Tong. The bus is coming.

Middle right: Help! / Mub! [catching sound] / Huh?

Bottom: Ouch / Oh my! / Gosh! / Tub! / Joi! Who did this to you?

Top left: Ouch!

Top right: Ouch! / You are bleeding. It is scary. Who hit you, Joi?

Middle left: Ouch!

Middle right: Stop saying ouch. Tell me who hit you?

Bottom left: It’s the giant kid of the Pratom 5.

Bottom right: The giant of Pratom 5!? The one who is younger than us?

Top left: Yes. He came forcing me to give him money for the bus’s fee. I didn’t give him. So he hit me.

Top right: He is a gangster. We should tell Teacher Malee.

Middle left: No, we can’t. He told me he will kill me, if I tell the teacher. / This is cruel.

Middle right: See. I don’t know how to get back home. All of my money has been taken.

Bottom left: Here, let’s collect money for Joi’s bus fee.

Bottom right: One baht or two baht each. / Yes. Yes.

Top left: Er..thank you very much. / You sure you don’t want to go to the nursing room? / There is no need. I can stand this.

Top right: Here is your fee. You’d better go back home now.

Middle left: Thank you so much everyone. I’ll sit here and rest for a while. You guys go home.

Middle right: A day later / That’s the Giant.

Bottom left: This is strange. That Giant looks calm. I don’t know that he can be so bad.

Bottom right: And what’s the matter. He goes to the nursing room very often. Or he is trying to hide his immoral behavior?

Top left: That evening / Joi, you have been hit by the Giant again? / Ouch! Yes.

Top right: Gosh. I can’t stand this villain. I will tell the teacher.

Middle left: Don’t. I don’t want to be attack again. I just want the bus fee.

Middle right: In the evening of the next day / The Giant

Bottom left: You are late! / Ouch!

Bottom middle: Bro, I’m sorry. The teacher in the nursing room left the room very late. / Don’t hit me.

Bottom right: Here, don’t defend yourself. Give me the merbromin tincture and the bandage. / Pia! / Ouch!

Top: I’m going to put on some makeup to fool them. / Quick! I may not have enough money to buy cigarettes. / (Completely mean) / Yes, Pee Choi.

Middle left: Making up / If those stupid people get back before I reach home, I’ll hit you.

Middle right: You / Teacher Malee / You cheated us.

Bottom left: He he / Er…

Bottom right: I know I’m wrong. / Don’t just smile. You always bully people. Follow me to the office. / Call your parents and tell them to come here right away.

Top left: Why do you let him mistreat you like this? / I don’t want to fight with a senior student.

Top right: Bai Tong thinks Yak’s idea is not right. We must prioritize justice. We must not surrender to meanness. / I’m being mad for you.

Middle: We should have fought him back. / Don’t do that. Teacher Malee must have punished him hard enough. You’ll be unhappy if you keep being angry.

Bottom: Oh, your words sound like a doctrine. It reminds me to control myself. Thanks a lot, Yak. / He he, my father taught me. / This is the benefit of father’s instruction. / Remind yourself that good people will not behave badly.


Be good everybody!

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