Sombat Khong Phudee – Part Nine: Well-mannered people must be honest

Sombat Khong Phudee


Part Nine: Well-mannered people must be honest

Bottom left: In the morning / Good morning, teacher.

Bottom right: Good morning, Uncle Porn.

Top: Oops, you don’t need to ‘wai’ me. I’m not a teacher.

Middle left: Receive their wai, Porn. It’s good that they show respect to adults. / Teacher Malee.

Middle right: Thank you. If you don’t come help me I won’t have this good chance.

Bottom left: You don’t need to thank me. If you were not this hard-working, I would not help you. / Thank you for the compliment.

Bottom right: Oops, sorry, I was careless. / Ouch!


Top left/right: Alright students, today I will teach you moral subject.

Middle: Teacher! / Yes, Bank?

Bottom left: Er…some of my books and necessities, which I left in the drawer are lost.

Bottom right: You lost your things?

Top left: Teacher’s Office

Top right: Hmm... there is nothing lost inside the school for a long time. Why now?

Middle left: Hmm...

Bottom left: One week later / All of my stuff in the drawer is gone.

Bottom right: Again?


Top left: This is weird. Things in the drawer were lost during one week. Those children just sit at their regular desks. I never see them around other’s desks.

Top right: Porn, come here.

Middle left: What? There are things lost in the school?

Middle right: Hmm, I haven’t seen any strangers getting inside the school. / Make sure you tell me if you see one.

Bottom left: Hey, why do you take those old table legs? / Oh.

Bottom right: I’m not busy and I want to try building a table. / That’s good.

Top left: At night / There, turn on the light!

Top right: Halt! Thief!

Middle left: Hey, Porn!

Middle right: Is the thief you? I have trusted you all the time. / Oh no, Porn.

Bottom left: Wh..What thief?

Bottom right: And Porn tells the whole story / Oh, that’s the story. / Yes.


Top: Yes. Like I told you in the afternoon, I saw there were lots of old wood bars. So I wanted to make new ones from them to place old desks in the classroom. I put old desks in the storeoom and never touched those things inside the drawer.

Middle left: Then take me to the storeroom.

Middle right: Storeroom / That’s my desk.

Bottom left: It’s true. My comics and snacks are still here.

Bottom right: Comics and Snacks? / Oh, I’m in trouble.

Bottom right: Porn, I’m sorry I misunderstood. That’s good Porn, the honesty. But make sure you tell me next time. / Yes, Teacher.

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Be good everybody!

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