Sombat Khong Phudee – Part Eight: Well-mannered people must not be selfish

Sombat Khong Phudee


Part Eight: Well-mannered people must not be selfish

Top: Wow! All of you make beautiful artwork from dough.

Middle: But, Buncherm, are you sure you are building a buffalo? Isn’t it a pig? / He he / Ha ha

Bottom left: Everyone did a good job. But tomorrow, the jobs might be more difficult. It’s noon now. We will take a break.

Bottom right: Come on, let’s have lunch. / Yeh! We are hungry.

Top left: Bai Tong has a boiled egg.

Top middle: Buncherm has Mok Pla Siw.

Top right: Nu Dee has fried green frog, oh no, fried pork.

Middle: Ok, let’s eat together and we’ll be united.

Bottom left: Wait, can I join? I have boiled beef with herbs.

Bottom right: Er, are you interested?

Top left: Your food is so good. Why do you want to share it with us?

Top right: Yes. Our food is not delicious.

Middle left: So what? I’m not a selfish boy. Common, let me join.

Middle right: See, we’d better let him join as he wants to.

Bottom left: What!? Is this beef? It is as small as rice.

Bottom right: Er… I was hungry before noon. So I ate it and that’s what left. He he.

Top: Ngum, Ngum

Middle left: Hmm, really great. We’d better share our food. It made me full.

Middle right: You are the only one who is full.

Middle: Hey, Buncherm, I bought a new portable game console.  You come with me to play it.

Bottom left: No, if Bai Tong and Nu Dee can’t play it, I won’t play it as well.

Bottom right: It’s your choice. So, just think that I haven’t invited you. It’s up to you. I’m just trying to share my thing.

Top left: In the afternoon after school / Teacher’s Office / Hey, Bank, I…

Top right: What Teacher Malee will make me do again? Err... I have to go back home to play a game, oh no, to help my aunt sell stuff at her shop. I’m really not available.

Middle: Buncherm, come here, I want you to do me a flavor. / Yes, sure.

Bottom left: I want you to help me bring a bread box from the canteen. / Yes.

Bottom right: I will give the bread to you guys tomorrow. Make sure it’s the box with a black ribbon. / Bread.

Top: I’ll give him a hand. For the nation, I can do it. / You said you are not available.

Middle right: Teacher’s Office / Thanks a lot. / Yes. / Yes.

Bottom left: Who will be so dumb waiting until tomorrow?

Bottom middle: We’ll be able to eat only one piece. A boy like Bank must always eat more than others. / Chomp, chomp / Why does it smell strange?

Bottom right: The next morning at Bank’s house / Oh... my stomach feels sore. / What’s the matter? Let’s go to the hospital.

Top left: Teacher / Friends

Middle left: Do you guys feel alright?

Middle right: I feel so bad after I had eaten the bread yesterday.

Middle left: That’s it. That’s why there was some bread missing from the second box. You know what bread in the second box is not for eating as it is expired.

Middle right: I’ll use it for my dough creation subject. Look at your friends’ works.

Bottom left: Oh, this is only because of my selfishness. It makes me feel terrible.

Bottom right: I won’t do it again. / [on the sign] Hospital

Part Nine: Well-mannered people must be honest


Be good everybody!

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