Sombat Khong Phudee – Part Seven: Well-mannered people must be kind

Sombat Khong Phudee


Part Seven: Well-mannered people must be kind

Top left: Oh, that’s no big deal, sir.

Top right: People around here are all poor. Most of them are farmers.

Middle: Their eyes will widen if they see money. I’ll manage it, sir.

Bottom left: Don’t forget my commission. Ok, sir. [The man is arranging vote-buying.]


Top: Who is prowling in front of the house?

Middle right: He looks suspicious. Get prepared, Hong. / Grrr

Bottom left: Bow

Bottom right: Go ahead. Bite him. / Bow / Wow, this little dog barks really loud.

Top left: Hey, listen up kid. / No. Bite him. I’m satisfied.

Top right: Hak Hak

Top right: Hur, I’m tired.

Bottom left: Oops, I have dropped my glasses.

Bottom right: This is too bad. Where are they?


Top left: Are you looking for these?

Middle left: Thank you so much for helping me find them.

Middle right: Here, I give you 100 baht.

Bottom left: I don’t want it. I just wanted to help. / This is money.

Bottom right: You are very generous. (He drops the wallet.)

Top left: Look, I feel hungry now. Do you know any good restaurant around here?

Top right: Try Pa Ju’s street restaurant. It’s just about 100 metres away from here.

Middle: Pi Bunmee! / What’s up, Buncherm?

Middle: Thanks a lot, Buncherm.

Bottom left: Huh? Hey, is it…?

Bottom right: Thank you very much for the ride.

Top left: I’ll give you 100 baht for the gas.

Top right: Oh, no, this is a bicycle. I’m leaving.

Middle left: Hmm, really yummy.

Middle How much does it cost? Wait, I must look for the money first.

Bottom left: Oh my, I think I dropped the wallet on the road side. Oh, I also dropped my handbag which has more than a hundred thousand baht. Gosh.

Bottom right: Er…Er…

Bottom right: It’s alright. I’m promoting new menu items now. I let customers taste my food for free. I’ll take money for the next plate.

Top right: Uncle! Are these two bags yours? Yes, they are.

Middle left: Hey, that’s a candidate for the member of the Parliament position! Sir?

Middle right: I told you to come see me at my house. I’ll manage it myself. You just give me the money. [The man is arranging vote-buying.]

Bottom: Everybody here is kind and generous. They help you from their heart. Ok, from now on, I will fairly compete with my rivals. I will create a new tradition urging people to use kindness to pay for something. / It’s good. / Oh, Sir.

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Be good everybody!

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