Sombat Khong Phudee – Part Six: Well-mannered people must do their jobs well

Sombat Khong Phudee


Part Six: Well-mannered people must do their jobs well

Top: What? Mr. Porn wants to borrow my money to be a transportation fee to seek a job in Bangkok? / Oh, I mean it. I will return the money to you as soon as possible.

Middle left: And how can I be sure that I will get the money back if I give you my money.

Bottom left: I’m pretty sure that I will be able to find a job because I will not be choosy. / You are not choosy, but I fear that they will not want to hire you.

Bottom right: And if you can’t find a job, will I get my money back? / Oh my...
Top left: I think I won’t get into this. You look skinny like fishbone. Who will want to hire you? Borrow someone else. / Gosh. / Huh? What is Uncle Porn doing at Bank’s house?

Bottom left: Toilet / Eiw..Why does the school toilet smell so bad? Gross

Middle right: Bank! You are late again.

Bottom right: I think I will have to punish you. / Oh, I’ll be lashed for sure.
Top right: What are you doing, Bank. Today, teachers no longer hit students. / Wow.

Middle left: But...

Middle right: You have to clean the men’s toilet on Saturdays and Sundays because the janitor is on sick leave. / Hah?

Bottom left: Oh my, hit me instead, please.

Bottom right: Bank rushes home to talk to Pek. / Come on! It’s just the cleaning. I’ll pay you ten baht, ok? / Eiw! Handsome men won’t do this job.
Top left: Hmm. / Oh, does classy Bank really have to clean the toilet?

Top right: Hey, look, Bank, let’s go see Mr. Porn. / Huh?

Middle left: Hah!? Is it true, Pek?

Middle right: Yes, it is. He allows you to borrow his money. / Yeh! Yeh! I can go looking for a job now.

Bottom left: But, you must thank Bank for all of this.

Bottom right: Oh, thank you very much, Boss. / It’s alright. He is my father. It is not a big deal.
Top left: Wait, but you must do something for the boss.

Top right: Anything, tell me.

Middle left: Ha ha, it’s done.

Middle right: I don’t know if Bank can take responsibility for this easy job. I must check it out.

Bottom: Gosh, he is sleeping. / (on the sign) Men’s WC
Top right: I thought he had been sleeping. But in fact, he must be tired from the cleaning. All are clean.

Middle left: Being like this, I hardly believe that he is a responsible boy.

Middle right: On the signs: Men’s WC, Women’s WC / I’d better let him do the cleaning for women’s toilet next time.

Bottom: Talking about toilet, I feel like going pottie.
Top left: Ouch!

Top right: Teacher Malee / Bang! Bang! / You! Lecherous thief!

Middle left: No, I am not. / You, lecherous thief hidden in Women’s WC. Here!

Middle right: I’ll be dead. What was Mr. Porn doing in Women’s WC. I told him to clean only Men’s WC.

Bottom: Oh, that’s the whole story. You are bad Bank, you can’t do such an easy job.

Top left: And why did Mr. Porn clean in the Women’s WC. I told you to clean only Men’s WC.

Top right: Er... It was like, when I finished cleaning Men’s WC, I saw that that women’s side was also dirty. So I decided to do a bit cleaning. That’s all. I didn’t think that...

Middle: Bank, you should take Mr. Porn as your ideal. He is hard-working. He also did good job and is not choosy. He keeps his words as well. This is a good man. He is better than the old janitor.

Bottom left: Porn, you are a hard-working person. You don’t need to go to Bangkok to seek a job. I will tell the headmaster to hire you as a full-time janitor. / Really, teacher?

Bottom right: And you, Bank, you will have to clean to toilet from Monday to Friday. / Argh! My God!


Part Seven: Well-mannered people must be kind

Be good everybody!

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