Sombat Khong Phudee – Well-mannered people must be dignified

Sombat Khong Phudee

Part Five: Well-mannered people must be dignified

Top: Today is an important day as two of our villagers received the best-person award. / Woo! / Cool! / Awesome! / Mr. Pui Kuitoh, please come up and receive the best supporter award. One Loud cheer, please, my brothers and sisters.

Middle: Hero! / I feel so glad, my brothers and sisters. / Cool Cool Cool Cool! / This humble award cannot be compared to my big heart which devotes itself for you all. / Hure Hure! / Wow!

Bottom left: I promise that I will protect our community forever. / Wow! / Cool! / Hure!

Bottom middle: The next one is the pride of our village, who received the most well-mannered person award. Mr Or Up-ip, please.

Bottom right: Well! I’m blushing. / Er..Er..Hello, well, I’m so glad, no problem and thank you very much.

Top: I’m very excited with this award. / Be careful, you’ll pee your pants if you’re too much excited. / You can’t compete your father. He keeps talking.

Middle: Hey, speak more loudly, Uncle Ao. / You keep teasing him.

Bottom left: This is too much, Piak. I’ll hit your mouth./ Wow, Nu Dee, Uncle Ao’s daughter, she wants to fight us.

Bottom middle: The upper being is getting mad. A storm is coming.

Bottom right: Hey, seek a place to hide, a tornado is coming.

Top: The storm is very severe. All residents run for life. Kids lost their ways and run into danger.

Middle left: Hide in a hall. Everyone seeks shelter.

Middle right: Hey, Piak, be care, the storming is coming this way.

Bottom left: Wow! It pulls out a tree.

Bottom right: Kids are in danger. Adults are already safe.

Top left: The storm already comes to Piak.

Middle left: Bang!

Middle right: Piak! / Ngaek!

Bottom: Buncherm, take all kids to my car, quick!

Top left: Uncle Or keeps trying to move kids into the car amidst the severe storm.

Top right: We are safe. / Thank you, Uncle Or, for saving our lives.

Middle: Oh, am I in heaven? There are lots of stars. / You are conscious!?

Bottom left: You got hit by a pestle. But there is no need to be scared now. We are save now. We are in my father’s car.

Bottom right: The storm ceases / Everyone please helps check damages and see if there is anyone injured. The ward is right there.

Top: Good news brothers and sisters, all kids are safe. Mr. Or helped our children from the storm.

Middle left: Or! Cheers! Cool!

Middle right: He he. Don’t flatter me. I’m blushing.

Bottom left: Although Uncle Or isn’t good at speaking, he has a brave and good heart. / Be dignified.

Bottom right: Dad, you must stretch your back. [Show your courage or confidence.]

Top left: From now on, I will stretch my back, ok? / Stretching / Look better! / You cool! / That’s ok.

Top right: Well, where is my father?

Middle: He is not here and there. Dad!

Bottom left: Buncherm, where do you think Uncle Pui is? There is no sound from him. / I think Piak already found him.

Bottom right: The jar is shaking. Is he here?

Top: That’s right. I’m here. Has the storm ceased?

Middle left: He he. / Is this the hero?

Bottom left: Thank you for saving Piak, Pi Or. / It’s fine.

Middle right: Reform yourself, please, Dad. / I will not disappoint you again. I promise.

Bottom right: After the event, Uncle Or always walks with his stretched back. [Show your courage or confidence.] / Dad, do it well. That’s too much. / I’m getting used to it sweetie.


Be good everybody!

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