Sombat Khong Phudee – Part Four: Well-mannered people must have beloved behaviors

Sombat Khong Phudee


Part Four: Well-mannered people must have beloved behaviors

Top: Mieo!

Middle: Bow-bow

Bottom left: Fup!

Bottom right: [crying sound]

Top: [crying sound] / What’s wrong Bai Tong. Your eyes are red. / Buncherm

Middle left: My cat Sinuan has disappeared since this morning. I have been seeking, but I can’t find it.

Middle right: This is noon now. She has not come out for her lunch yet.

Bottom: Maybe it is chasing after some pigs, oh sorry, rats, somewhere.

Top left: Yes. I do think so. It might have been running after a rat. / See? Bank thinks the same way.

Top right: She might have chasing after a rat and running into a snake.

Middle: And she then became the lunch of the snake. Ha ha / Hey!

Bottom left: crying sound

Bottom right: How come could you speak that out? She is feeling low. Look at the situation. You are saying ill-fated words.

Top left: Oops. Sorry then. The snake might have not eaten the cat.

Top right: It might just fasten on the cat, crush it before swallowing it. Ha ha / See. He looks very happy saying these things.

Middle: This man is happy while the others are sad. / Fun. / Oops, I forgot that I have to go home feeding my clever dog Hong. / Bad manners.

Bottom left: Look, I’m going into the woods to collect some vegetables. I’ll help you look for the cat.

Bottom right: Maybe it might have gotten lost in the woods. / Thank you. I’ll go with you.

Middle: Sinuan. Sinuan.

Bottom left: Sinuan. Sinuan.

Bottom right: Mieo Mieo

Top left: Mieo Mieo / Look. That’s Sinuan over there.

Middle left: Sinuan, come here.

Middle right: Why doesn’t it come here? / What’s the matter? / Mieo

Bottom left: Or she wants us to go there?

Bottom right: Mieo / Sinuan, are you alright?

Top left: Hey, you guys, give me a hand. / Buncherm, Bai Tong

Top right: My dog Hong hasn’t come back yet. I don’t know where it is. / Crying

Bottom left: Hey, listen up, what are you guys doing?

Bottom right: That’s Hong.

Top left: Oh my, I have been wondering where you are.

Top right: Hong fell into an old well. Sinuan then sit here looking after him for a long time to wait for someone to help him.

Middle: Bai Tong, from now on, I will no longer see others’ unhappiness as a fun thing. / Moaning / I’m sorry. / It’s alright.

Bottom: And thank you, Sinuan, for your kindness and for that you kept looking after Hong. / Mieo

Part Five: Well-mannered people must be dignified


Be good everybody!

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