Sombat Khong Phudee – Part Three: Well-mannered people must be polite

Sombat Khong Phudee


Part Three: Well-mannered people must be polite

Top: Before the school opens, the headmaster arranges a meeting with students and their parents at school to help improve and clean the school, as part to welcome the new semester and to tighten the relationship among residents in the community.

Bottom: Everyone is happy with their assignments and help one another. The school yard then looks better.
Top: I share it to you. / Thank you. / While working, kids know how to share things with friends.

Bottom left: After that, they clean the classroom. / Hey, before the school opens, that mirror was not broken.

Bottom right: It is very late. Khunnai Pak Primprom and her son Lersa come to join an activity after being invited by the headmaster. / Socialites of the village!
Top: Parents can have some refreshing water here. And kids, do you all have water? / I’m so thankful. / I drank already. Thank you. / I must thank kids and all parents for coming to help today.

Bottom left: I will take the tray back. / Oh, such a good boy. I thank you, too.

Bottom right: Son, can you please put this tree pot at the flagpole and don’t forget to put beautifully it in order.
Top: Oh, stop now Lersak my son, don’t touch anything. We are not slaves.

Bottom left: I thought they invited parents to join a party. But instead, they want us to do dirty chores. Socialites like us cannot accept it.

Bottom right: Right, son? / Err, but I want to do what others do.
Top left: Bang!!

Top right: Don’t be that violent to a kid.

Middle : My son is strong enough. He doesn’t need to be this gentle like those kids. And adults should pay kids respect? No, I cannot take it.

Bottom left: Madame, a polite behavior, either by children or adults, is a Thai manner.

Bottom right: And that’s why there are too many gays. / Oh, you go too far.
Top left: Hey, who is talking about gays? I’m here now. / Eiww

Top right: I saw your face and I want to be your friend. / But I don’t want.

Middle: I heard your son is strong? I like that type of man. / Mom, help! / son! I can’t take this. Let’s go home.

Bottom left: Let’s go back son. Run fast. This is disgusting.

Bottom right: Stare... stare / Oops
Top left: Sorry. May I introduce myself. I am Boy and here is my younger brother Bug. / Yes. / He asked me to accompany him because he has something to tell his teacher.

Top right: Go on, tell the teacher what you want to. / Err..I want to say that…

Bottom left: I must apolgise to you and the school. I went playing football during the school break and broke a window. I’m sorry. / Oh, it’s you

Bottom right: I have saved up 100 baht from my pocket money and I’ll pay for the broken window.
Top middle: Sniffling

Top right: I’m so glad there is a student like you.

Bottom: Keep your money. The school will pay for the fixing itself. I want to let you know that your decision to make an apology is a courageous and respectful behavior. / My brother taught me to say sorry if I do something wrong. / Oh, although he is not a real man, he is a good person. / You awesome / It does not matter who you are. All you need is to be a good person. / The community will get peace if residents love and forgive each others.

Part Four: Well-mannered people must have beloved behaviors


Be good everybody!

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