Sombat Khong Phudee – Part Two: Well-mannered people must not be naughty

Sombat Khong Phudee


Part Two: Well-mannered people must not be naughty

Top left: Wow! So nice, Buncherm!

Top right: Where do you get the clothes from?

Top right: Are they new ones. They look really nice.

Middle: He he, no, they are my brother’s clothes.

Bottom: He he, I though they were outdated.
Top left: Yeah, it is very old-fashioned and not classy at all

Top right: Bank?

Bottom left: Look at me. Low-cut pants. Attractive to girls.

Middle right: Eiwww very dirty.

Bottom: right: I see your butt! Gross!
Top: See? I’m so cool that she keep screaming. / She screams because your jeans are ugly. / Gross, how can you wear them?

Middle left: Oh, how can you say that? I bought these ones from Siam Paragon!

Middle right: What Paragon? I want to ask one question. Didn’t dogs bark at you wearing them?

Bottom left: Yup. I would not be able to eat for days. You cannot compete with Buncherm. His clothes are much better.

Bottom right: What? He looks like a joker.
Top left: Hey, have you washed your jeans since you bought them? / Gross! / Why do I have to wash them? I will wear them for five days before I have them cleaned.

Top right: Clothes don’t need to look good, but they must look polite and clean. You know that? / Go home and have them washed.

Middle left: At least, there is one person who will praise me. It’s cute and trendy Nong Fern. Bye! I must see her. Bye, you old-fashioned!

Middle right: In front of Nong Fern’s house / Bank, what’s going on today? What makes you come to see Nong Fern right in front of her house? / I want to show off my brand-new trendy clothes which I have just bought.

Bottom left: Nong Fern must say that I am fashionable.

Bottom middle: She will get back from her extra class soon. I’d better wait here.

Bottom right: I have been waiting for quite a long time and my butt gets itchy. Maybe the clothes are too new and I’m not used to it. / Then scratch it. It’s fun. See? Fun?
Top left: Having fun, huh? / It becomes itchier every time I scratch it.

Top right: Oh, it's time Nong Fern finishes her school.

Middle: Tut! / Hey, Uncle, I have seen you staring at us for quite a long time. Any problems?

Bottom left: Ah, I have some problem. I want both of you to stop your disgusting behaviors.

Bottom right: Who are you to teach me? My own parents never complain about anything.
Top: Dad! I’m coming. / Oops / Sweetie

Middle: Bank and Piak, what are you guys doing here? And why are you wearing such ugly jeans? / Stunned / D... Dad? / Is Nong Fern your daughter? / Ugly jeans... gosh

Bottom left: Somebody dirties up our outdoor area. Two of your friends volunteer to help clean it up. You two help each other. I'll check up later. Let's get in the house sweetie.

Bottom right: If we didn't spit on the floor, we would not have to do the cleaning and shame ourselves.
/ Ugly jeans

Part Three: Well-mannered people must be polite


Be good everybody!

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